Discover The Essence Of Quartz Worktops

Created from one of the sturdiest mineral on earth, Quartz worktop is certainly the most long-wearing surface option for every kitchen theme. Aside from its practicality and function, it’s also one of the most eye-catching material available in the market. It comes in a wide collection of hues, which includes the usual blacks, browns, creams, as well as reds and greens. Some slabs also has veining for the look of marble or granite.

quartz worktop
quartz worktop

Unlike the natural-stone slabs (which are mined), Quartz slabs are factory engineered to ensure high quality and durability.

Its primary element is ground quartz (uses around 94%), fused with pigments to provide the richness of colours and lastly, polyester resins to completely bind everything. For some designs, few amounts of metallic flecks or recycled glass are incorporated into the mix to further elevate the texture of the slab.

The resins also help make each slabs non-porous, as well as scratch and stain resistant so they never need to be sealed. In comparison to granite, which commonly needs to be re-sealed with a new protective top coat every once in a while, to keep it from absorbing moistures and/or other substances not seen with the naked eye.

patterned quartz
patterned quartz

In the past, the biggest factor which made home owners doubtful of Quartz worktops was that it lacked the wide variations of colours and patterns that you usually get with natural stone. Nowadays, with all the industries that offers multi coloured slabs with enough swirls, flecks, and sleek patterns make them almost identical from the real thing.

These worktops were once available only with a polished finish; but now, you can get one with a sandblasted, honed, or even with an embossed look! If it's the vibe of textured slate, matte limestone, or glossy granite that you want, there's a perfect Quartz worktop waiting for you.

dark quartz
dark quartz

Not only that, home owners won’t have to break the bank upon purchasing this surface material for it is available in a much affordable price-- making it budget-friendly, high quality quartz worktops.

This is the ultimate worktop surface that provides you with everything you need; starting from cooking and cleaning needs, up to the style and design that would work with your kitchen theme .


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