Gazebo Choices For Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

There are endless types of furniture for relaxing in your yard.  However, even with the most comfortable outdoor furnishings you will need somewhere to be able to enjoy them that is out of the sun.  A gazebo is just the answer to make your time outside as enjoyable as possible.

Temporary Solutions

Outdoor Gazebo ideas
Outdoor Gazebo ideas

While many people are looking for something permanent, others are not.  Luckily there are temporary solutions for those who are renting or are on a strict budget.  A pop up gazebo is usually the best choice.  These are quite easy on the wallet and can be set up within a few minutes whenever you are planning to have guests or feel like kicking your feet up in your yard.  You will have to put them away however if there are strong winds or severe weather since they are not meant to handle these types of situations.

Take It Back To Nature

Gazebo Outdoor ideas
Gazebo Outdoor ideas

Of course the classic version that most people are familiar with is made from wood.  A wooden gazebo can be a big statement in any yard, and be used as focal point along with somewhere to beat the heat.  There are actually a handful of different wood varieties to pick from so you will want to take some time to read up on which ones will have the features you are looking for.  Cedar and redwood are both worth looking into, and don’t forget pressure-treated options either.

Other Materials

For those looking for permanent gazebos made from materials other than wood there are a few.  Metal is a very common way to go and it can look much more modern than wooden models.  Although there are vintage style structures made from metal you usually will have to get one custom made.  Vinyl is probably the easiest material to deal with when it comes to maintenance because it usually doesn’t require any.  It also happens to typically be very fairly priced and therefore a smart investment if you want something that won’t cost too much.

Maybe Another Structure?

Outdoor Gazebo ideas
Outdoor Gazebo ideas

Gazebos are often a fabulous choice however there are other structures worth considering as well.  For some, a patio enclosure is more in line with what they need.  These will allow you to be able to see your entire yard and get the fresh air you crave but while remaining screened-in.  In some locations this protection can be essential if you want to able to stay outdoors in the summer months because of annoying insects like mosquitoes.  Pergolas are another option that many people decide to go with.  Unlike a gazebo they have a much more open roof style which can be very appealing.

Adding a gazebo to your home will surely help make it a fantastic place to enjoy your time with friends and family.  Whether you are looking for something a little less permanent like a pop up or a structure to last throughout the years there are many types to pick from.  But don’t forget to check out other options as well if you feel like you might want something a little different, because there are some excellent ones out there.


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