The Pergola A Perfect Shade Structure For Upgrading Your Yard And Style

There are many different types of outdoor structures for anyone who would like to improve their property. One of the top choices worldwide is the pergola.  And with unique features that stand out and help to make your space outstanding in appearance and function it is a choice you will want to consider, especially with the warmer months fast approaching.

Simplicity That Works

Pergola ideas
Pergola ideas

Unlike many things in today’s fast-paced world, this is one option where simplicity works.  Pergolas have a very basic design that works so well that it has not been improved upon since ancient times.  There has been no reason to do so.  They are usually supported by four posts and have totally open walls and a semi-open roof.  This roof uses slats that are evenly spaced to let a small amount of light in while at the same time keeping the inside cool which is very important if you want to be able to relax in comfort.

Styles Are Not Limited

While the average structure is rectangular in shape and fairly basic there are many different pergola designs to choose from.  Some of the most popular options are made so that they can be attached to the side of your home instead of using the ground for support.  If the area you will be using is right next to your house this could be ideal.  A few choices may even be designed so that they look as if they are from Asian or Mediterranean countries which can add some intrigue to your patio or garden.

Pergola ideas for home
Pergola ideas for home

Let It Grow

The way that pergola roofs are constructed allows homeowners to do something that they normally cannot with just about all other structures.  They can be used as a place to grow climbing plants.  By choosing your favorite climber you can totally transform your pergola into a living work of art that always has the fragrant smell of flowers. You could even use it as place to grow edible fruits or berries.  The stems of whatever plants you pick will end up spreading out through the slats and providing even more shade.

Build Your Own

Home Pergola ideas
Home Pergola ideas

To build or buy is a common dilemma for a lot of people. Those who are handy or have building skills often attempt to build their own in an attempt to save some cash. While this can work, you should only really think about doing the job on your own if you have some real plans.  You can usually download or purchase rectangular pergola plans without that much searching which will help you to create something not only attractive but also safe for you to spend time in.  Another way to go is to buy a pergola kit that comes with all the materials and instructions for you to put it together on your own.  These kits may come in wood, vinyl, or even metal.

A pergola can quickly become your favorite spot to spend time outdoors.  With a little thinking you can pick a design that suites your space and even choose plants to make it a living structure.  And if you have the skills, time, and plans building one on your own could be a fun and rewarding project as well!


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