7 Tips to Find and Repair a Leak in Your House Roof

roof leak

Once you are able to find the real reason behind your roof leaks, fix it immediately. Don’t ignore it simply because it’s too small or it doesn’t bother you. Some people never address these issues to a real estate agent before buying or selling a house. But as time passes by, small leaks can lead to bigger problems, including rotted sheathing and framing, damaged insulations, destroyed ceilings and mold.

These seemingly small leaks also result in hefty home repairmen bills. That is why it is crucial that homeowners deal with all small or big roof leaks immediately to cause as minimal damage as possible. Inspect a roof leak during the day, as they are not likely to be detected at night. Take a torch or a bright flashlight if you are going to check your attic. Step only on secure framing and start by exploring above the place where the drip takes place. Here are some ways you can successfully find a roof leak for taking care of it:

1.     Check for Signs

Check for Signs
Check for Signs

Check for all signs thoroughly, even if the running water does not show you the leak’s precise location. You may also need to remove the shingles in the areas where you suspect a leak. Once they are removed, there will be some leak evidence from where you can track the leak to the source. Felt paper that is discolored or water-stained area around the leak will help you find the spot.

2.     Detect the Source

detect the source
Detect the Source

Tracking down a leak usually begins by looking at the roof uphill and checking for stains. Make sure you suspect any penetration on the roof. Generally, the most typical leak source is the object that penetrates the roof.

3.     Look for Penetrations

Look for Penetrations
Look for Penetrations

The penetrations can include chimneys, roof vents, dormers other projects that through the roof. These can be several feet above or sideways of the leak.

4.     Check Your Attic

Check Your Attic
Check Your Attic

If you access the attic, the most convenient way to track down a leak is to inspect the access. Go up to the access and check for signs using a flashlight. Water stains, black marks or mold are usually found.

5.     Survey Your Roof

Survey Your Roof
Survey Your Roof

In case you have vaulted ceiling which may cause problems on the access, you can get a closer examination by going up on the roof.

6.     Repair on a Bright Day

Repair on a Bright Day
Repair on a Bright Day

Don’t start any repair projects when it’s not sunny. It is important your roof remains completely dry. Wet roof is not just slippery it can be dangerous for all DIY projects.  All roof repairs must be done with the help of safety ropes.

7.     Utilize Supporting Tools

Utilize Supporting Tools
Utilize Supporting Tools

To secure anchoring, utilize a framework of ladder on the steep roofs. You can also wear shoes with rubber soles so they can offer the best traction.

Final Thoughts

If you know that a roof leak is because of a hole, homeowners can fix it temporarily with a 12-by-12-inch piece of galvanized sheet metal flashing. It is easily available at all hardware or home improvement stores.


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