Shower Plumbing Repair Tips: What to do and not to do

Without taking a shower in the morning, heading off to anywhere can be a drag. That is why, at some point of time, it is a necessity to get the shower serviced by a professional plumber. So that,you never have to face any problem.

However, irrespective of having a plumber to attend shower needs, you can always get the shower plumbing done on your own. Shower plumbing problems may occur someday or the other. However, it is important to stay prepared for the worse.

Shower Plumbing
Shower Plumbing

So, here are a few tips, you should follow and do avoid ensuring that your shower plumbing issues are kept at bay and you enjoy your bath every single day.

Do this-

  1. Check where the leak is coming from in your shower pipe. You can do this by running a simple pressure test. The first step is to open the diverter valve and rotate it from hot to cold. Keep doing this several times and the source of the leakage will be visible to you. Hence, if your plumber opens up the wall, he can fix it before he closes it up completely.
  2. Like any mechanical device, a shower too is going to leak eventually. You might like your old shower better, but the leak from it can cause more damage than you can think of. So, don’t wait and get it replaced with a new one instead.
  3. If you feel that, your shower has some problem because the water is not running through properly or you sense some weird noise then do a thorough inspection. The key for a good repair comes from inspection. Call your local plumber for a thorough inspection instantly before matter gets out of hand.
  4. Keep a thread sealer, primer, glue and pipe wrench handy. Threaded joints usually leak when the thread sealer is not in use. You can use it for repairing outer pipes. Use primer and glue on PVC pipes. However, ensure to use the primer first to allow the pores in the plastic to open up and then use glue to make the bond stronger and tighter. Having a pipe wrench can help you tighten any loose nuts and bolts in your shower pipe. All these things are inexpensive and save you the hassles while you wait for a professional to help you.

Don’t do this-

  1. Every homeowner feels that they can fix their plumbing issues on their own and they go ahead with the work without thinking of the consequences. Do not do this, as it might result in bigger problems like flooding your entire home. The worst scenario could be that you might have to replace your entire shower panel just because of a small fault made by you. Let a professional plumber do your work, especially when it comes down to shower plumbing. It will save you a lot of time and money, as well.
  2. Do not lose patience over a simple leak and get everything replaced. It might just be the shower head acting up. Get an inspection done first and then make a right decision.


Always remember to get your pipes and showers regularly inspected and maintained from time to time.By doing this, you can be assured that nothing goes wrong. Even though something does go wrong, you get a free repair done. Trying to do something, like plumbing repairs is way out of your league and you should leave it to the professionals. So, if you have a plumbing problem, give a call to your plumber right away.


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