6 Reasons Why the Laminated Safety Glass Has Performed so Well Commercially

When it comes to glass being used commercially, there are more than one options available for business owners looking to decorate their office spaces. Although all glass options come with certain benefits and trails, but the one that really stands out of the competition is the laminated glass. It has certain properties and characteristics that make it one of the most desirable office space products in the modern day. Because of those traits, numerous offices and other commercial industrial sector spaces have made use of the laminated glass to bring certain features to their own interiors and exteriors.

laminated safety glass
laminated safety glass

Here are a few reasons why the laminated safety glass has performed so well commercially.

1: Safety for People Close by

Laminated safety glass for sale is available readily in most parts of the world, especially the commercial sector. The manufacturing process of it requires multiple layers of glass (usually two unless special safety features like bullet proofing are not required) sandwiched and held together by a layer of resin or vinyl that doesn’t allow the sheets to separate or even the glass to break into pieces even when a strong enough object hits it with a strong enough force. This enhanced safety feature has enable laminated safety glass to be utilized in vehicle windshields on a commercial level also windows and separating walls inside office spaces, ensuring the people close to it will stay unharmed even in the unfortunate instance of breakage by whatever reason. How it works is, the glass will crack up into smaller pieces but even the broken pieces will still be held onto the resin or vinyl shield with no smaller shards of glass flying around towards the people inside the vehicle or near the separating walls or window.

2: Enhanced Security Boosted by Nature of Manufacture

The nature of the laminated glass where even when broken, all the pieces are still help up together, makes it much harder for burglars to break into windows fitted with laminated glass sheets. What happens is, when someone tries to break the window with an object, if the object is heavy enough and is hit with a strong enough force, the edge of the object flies straight through the glass piece leaving sharp shards with blade like edges in its place. The broken piece then becomes that much harder to fit the hand it in order to get the door to open. For that reason laminated safety glass is much notorious among the burglar community as well. So much so, when they know the office has laminated glass windows, they don’t bother with breaking into that office at all. This is one of the better reasons why the laminated safety glass has performed so well commercially. Office owners and even employees feel safer when they have the laminated glass windows and door installed.

3: Day Feel Enhances the Work Environment

When decorating commercial interiors, there are many material choices available to designers and owners, some even try wooden interiors or even metal products at some instances. However all of them hide the natural daylight away and make the commercial space look darker. Artificial light option is always available but it fails to perform as good as the natural daylight with reference to bringing the day feel to the environment. Laminated glass despite being multiple layers, is still transparent glass and has the ability to pass through daylight, even by filtering the harmful UV rays out, and provides the best day feel possible out of all the materials available. Research has proven the fact that day feel and natural daylight enhances the mood and performance of employees.

4: Un-Matched Elegance in Design Choices

Glass is a natural material when it comes to designing interiors and making commercial spaces look elegant. Other materials can also look good depending on how they have been installed, but glass products including laminated glass have this unique ability to make the whole commercial space look all that more elegant while mixing easily with the rest of the design aspects. Where laminated glass sheets shine more than any other material is that whatever color commercial spaces have been highlighted with, they will not hide any of it and also the bright or dim walls depending on the choices will be clearly visible, making the whole space look more elegant and unique in the process.

5: No Maintenance Cost or Processes Required

One of the best features related with laminated glass or any other glass products for that matter is the very low or even no maintenance cost and processes required after installation. Glass sheets at the initial cost are cheaper than many other forms of decorative and functional materials, but once they have been installed correctly, they simply don’t require any maintenance at all. All that is required on them is daily cleaning with a cloth and a glass cleaner and they are ready to make the whole commercial space shine bright. The only instance they will require any extra cost is when they are eventually broken, that too will not happen with the passage of time, because there is no possibility of corrosion or any other elemental damage at all. Just place them rightly and they will last you longer than most other things in the commercial space.

6: Great for Sound-Proofing When Installed Right

One of the better reasons why the laminated safety glass has performed so well commercially is their ability to completely sound-proof the office or commercial space when installed with that specific motivation. The multiple layers of glass and resin allows no sound to escape either side provided the edges are well tapered and blocked using silicon or other similar materials. This provides an even more comfortable working environment for the employees inside office or commercial spaces, also this will keep all the polluted effects of the outside environment out as well. When installing just make sure to plan the instalment ahead and place the sheets just in the right places covering out all the edges and sticking them in using silicon or other gum like materials.


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