How to dress up a blank wall?

Are you tired of staring at a blank wall in your home and need some inspiration to decorate it? Or do you just want to switch things up and need a wall makeover? If yes, then keep on reading.

Remember, an empty wall is like a blank canvas, and there is so much that you can do with this space. It gives you an opportunity to show your personality and your likes. Here I have put together 6 fantastic ideas to help you adorn that blank wall in your home.

dress up a blank wall
dress up a blank wall

Single Statement Piece

The easiest way to fill up that big space is using a single massive piece of art, and it would be the statement in your room. You just need to find one unique thing and you are done. You can find an expensive art piece if you are willing to spend money or you can find a nice one from thrift shops. Why not be creative and make your own personal and unique artwork? You can also opt for a spectacular mirror or a beautiful wall hanging.

Be careful about choosing the size of the art piece as people often make the mistake of choosing the wall art that is much smaller than their wall. Keep in mind, when it comes to a single piece of wall art, the BIGGER, the BETTER.

Double Up

Have two art pieces rather than one to double up the effect. Two coordinating pieces of wall art would create the visual interest in the room and enhance the overall ambiance. Make sure that both pieces have the matching frames and are aligned properly on the wall to pull off this look.

Gallery Wall

Create an art gallery wall by displaying an eclectic mix of paintings, prints, photographs and other artwork. It is an ideal way to display your precious moments and tell a story about something special to you or your travel experiences.

Before hanging on the wall, lay your framed pieces on the floor in different formations to identify the best layout for your space. You can either go monotone, i.e. have all the pictures in a similar colorpalette, or you can have a colorful display.

Wall Mural

Another brilliant way to spice up those bare walls is with the help of chic and contemporary wall murals. You can either get them painted or get the stick-on ones. There is an extensive selection of floral, abstract and other images available in the market.

Wall Decals

Fabric Wall Art
Fabric Wall Art

Bring your imagination to life with decorative art wall decals. These are ideal for the walls as it’s easy to remove them without any damage to your walls. These are easy to apply and help you create the beautiful retreat you’ve always wanted.

Fabric Wall Art

Fabric can be used on your walls in a variety of ways. You can use a stick to hang a vintage rug on the wall. You can also wrap a splashy textile around a canvas to brighten up your walls. Or you can ditch the wallpaper and use fabric with a lovely pattern instead. Not only it would look beautiful but also the fabric is often cheaper than the wallpaper.


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