Modern Kitchen Designs With Sociable Layout

Truth is, almost all the best gatherings take place in the kitchen area, so why not make it more than just a place to prepare, cook, and dine? Let your kitchens be more sociable whilst having a modern layout. Here are some of the most ideal designs you can re-create, in order to achieve a cosy and appealing space for your family and friends to enjoy:

Modern Kitchen
Modern Dining table

Open on the outdoors

If your home has an amazing outdoor section, definitely make use of it by placing a comfy dining area alongside the doors. Make the most out of it by mounting clear glass, instead of the usual wooden frames. This allows natural light to effortlessly enter the room even if it’s windy or rainy outside. It’s also great for parties as people can easily access both spaces.

Combine both spaces

Modern Kitchen with dining table
Modern Kitchen with dining table

When you don’t have enough space to separate your kitchen and dining, your best options is to combine the both of them in one single room. Simply maximize its full potential by letting it be the focal point of your home. This compact space can surely accommodate some guests, you’ll be amazed at how many people you can fit in, regardless of the available space.

Make room for a nook

Modern Kitchen ideas
Modern Kitchen ideas

Some of your guests may not be comfortable in being with too many people, so why not invite them in a small yet comfy nook while enjoying the meal and drinks. This also adds another dimension in your home. Not only will it draw people onto it, but it will also make everyone feel at ease and comfy. Don’t forget to add in some cool artworks and photos to give it some more interest.

Casual seating area

Modern Kitchen design
Modern Kitchen design

Another ideal way of welcoming guests in your kitchen is by placing comfy benches in the room. If you do so, they won’t be in too much hurry to leave! There’s just something about benches and fluffy pillows that makes people stay and chat. Also, you don’t even need to have a large kitchen to fit one (or two).

Brighten up the place

Not many people are keen on spending time in a dark and gloomy room, especially when eating a meal. Creating a space that’s both light and cosy as possible can definitely lift up anyone’s mood.

To further elevate the design of the space, opt for pastel-coloured chairs and geometrical pendant light. Keeping the walls and flooring neat and pale allows natural light to flow seamlessly around the area. Integrate some artworks if you want to, as it lifts up the visual aesthetic of the room.

The hang-out space

Best Modern Kitchen designs
Best Modern Kitchen designs

If you don’t have the space to fit in a formal dining table in your kitchen; you can always incorporate or extend your worktop area in which your family members and guests can lounge around while you prepare the meal. This idea is a definite space-saver, plus, a great way of making people bond and connect.

Try out these amazing design tips and let your modern kitchen designs be a more sociable place to hangout.


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