Plumbing Tips on Bathroom Remodelling

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, there may be many thoughts come across your mind, but what to actually do? Confused? Whether you’re looking at installing a new bathroom, a bathroom remodelling or some minor changes to the existing one, it’s important to ensure that you’ve planned well. Proper planning includes everything, from selecting the colour theme through to installing a bathroom vanity and from levelling bathroom floors to selecting right plumbing fixtures.

Bathroom Remodelling
Bathroom Remodelling

Wait a minute! Before you start striking things hard or simply take hasty decisions, consider the expert's assistant and stated important tips for an efficient bathroom remodel!

First Thing First!

It’s all in the design. You should keep in mind that functions always come first before the looks. Before imagining a bathroom remodelling process, ask yourself a question, do you know your bathroom and its structure? If no, a local emergency plumber can help you know your bathroom.

Prior to finalizing the style or the colour scheme, you’ll need your local plumber to outline an easy installation of pipes, drains and other fittings in remodel. And when it comes to the cost factor, materials as well design of the bathroom impacts equally. For efficient cost reduction, maintain the drains and plumbing fixtures on the same location as before.

Important things to focus:

Plumbing pipes and fittings:

Inspecting your bathroom without altering the locations of bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets, needs no pipes or fittings to be rerouted. If you’re moving things around in the bathroom, it’s better to discuss with your plumber whether to install new pipes and fittings or not. Don’t forget to inspect your bathroom.

For inspecting the structural veracity of the floors and walls of the bathroom, hire a local plumber. Proper inspection helps in checking the strength for installing new pipes and fittings to the location.


Generally, smooth flowing water is observed in a good and maintained bathroom due to sound drainage. If accurate drainage is not a part of your bathroom, it could leave you with pooling water that can be the reason for termite, rot, and ultimately with a structural breakdown.

Wet walls:

Generally, a drainage point is the reason for a wet wall. For preventing the accumulation of rot, mold, and mildew, proper wet wall application in necessary. While remodelling your bathroom, take the help of your local plumber to map out the exact location to a build wet wall.

What’s Essential to you?

Before starting with bathroom remodelling, evaluate things which are most important to you. List of questions for the users to consider while remodelling their bathroom are:

  • Is a bathroom vanity necessary?
  • Do you require a generous amount of space around the sink?
  • Are you happy with a shower area or there’s a need of bathtub?
  • What is your budget? How much you’re willing to spend?
  • How many members will use the bathroom?
  • Do you have a readymade design in your mind or want to keep it simple?
  • Separate space for storing towels, toiletry items and bathroom products are required or not?

Optimum Utilization of Space:

Want to utilize the most of your bathroom? While performing a bathroom remodel, adding space-saving tips to the list works efficiently for the homeowners. They are stated as:

  • Is mounting a towel rack added in the list of remodel? A glass splash protector or on the door of a shower is a suitable location to mount a towel rack. This helps in saving on space and makes it within the reach of hand.
  • When installing bathroom sink or vanity, rounded corners are best advisable. As the edges are not sharp, harmless and less chaotic.
  • For enjoying a spacious bathroom, installing mirror is a good idea. A large mirror reflects more space that offers your bathroom spacious, open and less chaotic ambiance.
  • For busy bathrooms, consider coat racks instead of towel racks for holding more towels at a time!

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