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How to Create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Our homes are where we go to escape from the outside world, the people around us and our jobs. As such, creating a space that we can truly call home is essential and for the modern day bachelor, this is all about showing off our style, interests and character.

Ultimate Bachelor Pad
Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Elan Kitchens tells us how to go about creating the ultimate bachelor pad.

  1. Keep it minimal

In the past, bachelor pads were characteristically associated with untidy, unkempt lifestyles – kind of like how you’d picture a student halls (think pizza boxes, beer cans and Xbox). Now, however, contemporary bachelor pads are all about looking expensive, classy and trendy. This is why a minimalistic décor with straightforward colour schemes like white, black and grey, are recommended. You can also add a touch of manliness through exposed brickwork, mahogany and leathers, but be mindful not to overcomplicate your interiors. Remember, less is more!

  1. Work hard, play hard

You work hard all week, so naturally you’ll want to use your home as a place to kick back and unwind. Any great bachelor pad will double-up as a place to hang out with your mates, which is why they wouldn’t be complete without a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Gadgetry is big on the bachelor pad agenda, so you should invest in a large TV with surround sound, for watching those all-important football games on. Likewise, if you have the space for it, why not live out all your teenage dreams and purchase that pool table? You’ll be the talking point amongst all your buddies.

  1. Show off your interests

Your home should tell a story about what kind of person you are, which is why showcasing your interests or hobbies is important. See yourself as a bit of a film buff? – Frame that Pulp Fiction poster and hang it on your wall. Love rock music? – Show off your vinyl collection. Describe yourself as a ‘wine connoisseur’? – Proudly display your wine collection with some high-class wine racks.

  1. Comfort is key
living area sofa
living area sofa

Your sofa is the centrepiece of your living area, so you should seriously invest in one that is comfortable and will stand the test of time. Go for something classy and elegant, such as a leather chesterfield, which coordinates perfectly into any space and gives off a traditional air of masculinity. Moreover, a well-stocked fridge and mini bar will help ensure you and your guests are well taken care of.


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