Four Reasons why You should Refinish Bathtub over Bathtub Replacement

There are different advantages to bathtub refinishing. It is considered mainly the best way to deal with bathtubs, showers, countertops, tiles, and worn out sinks that look dull or difficult to clean, not to mention that it is very economical and practical. Refinishing rather than replacing is a great option, saving you a lot of money making a refinish bathtub look brand new.

Refinish Bathtub
Refinish Bathtub

Studies show that to refinish bathtub has saved homeowners a lot of money compared to replacing tubs. This is considered to be the best option and substitute in bathtub replacement. Even hotels are saving up a lot of time and money without having to undergo the time-consuming and dirty process of removing the bathtub itself.

Here are some more advantages of bathtub refinishing:

Economical and saves lots of money

Bathtub replacement alone involves thousands of dollars, and sometimes even more, depending on which part of the globe you are in. Walls and tiles should be removed, there is plumbing to do and other messy jobs involved.

Saves a lot of time

Bathtub replacement may take up to several weeks, considering that your whole bathroom has to be like reconstructed all over again. There is a long process in bathtub replacement when compared with bathtub refinish. You have to replace tiles, walls, remove your old bathtub (of course), install the brand new bathtub, and get rid of the whole mess that was made. However, if trying to consider refinish bathtub and if it is worth the effort, it will only take around three to six hours depending on the state of the bathtub. Nonetheless, the point here is, you can already use your bathtub the following day without having to wait for around for construction to finish.

Lasts long

When you refinish bathtub, it can last for up to fifteen years. It is understandable that brand new bathtubs may last a couple of years more, but having to think about the expenditure of replacing it there is no doubt that refinishing would be better. In addition, you can use bathtubs that have existed a long time ago; perhaps your parent or grandparents tub has little cracks that can be easily repaired. This is such a hassle-free way to give your bathroom a make over that will make it look brand new.

You can choose your own color

You have the advantage over choosing and deciding which color your bathtub would be when you decide to refinish bathtub. Of course, this is a perfect option for people wanting to have a gorgeous looking bathtub without spending a lot of money. Most of the time default ceramics and bathtubs that come installed in a house are not that presentable. However, there is no need to worry because you can add color and a nice finish and give your bathroom the look that pleases you.

To refinish bathtub is a great idea for anyone that wants to give new life to his or her bathroom without going overboard. So whether you just want to remodel your bathroom, or change the appearance of your bathtub, to refinish bathtub would be the best decision that you can make, it will not just save you money, but time and headaches in the end.



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