How to Bring the Outdoors into Your Home

The outdoors and the interior are usually kept separated when it comes to home design. But that was before interior design became enriched with natural elements like furniture made out of raw materials or lush indoor plants. There’s no doubt the boundaries between interior and exterior design are becoming obsolete!

Interior design with outdoor
Interior design with outdoor

This is a trend everybody should get excited about! Natural materials can help create a peaceful atmosphere you can enjoy even when the weather outside won’t allow it. You can enjoy the tranquility of a rainfall without getting cold or wet.

There are different ways to connect your interior to your patio or garden. For one thing, getting matching indoor and outdoor furniture sets from broad-range companies like Skylar’s Home and Patio in San Diego can help create a seamless transition between the two areas.

Here are some other ideas you can use to marry the inside and the outside of your home into a perfect union.

Indoor Plants

indoor plants
indoor plants

This look is getting more popular every year, and it’s easy to understand why. Plants can really calm both the interior and the homeowners as they represent a contrast to our hectic lives. There are many ways you can incorporate plants into your interior design, including hanging plants, moss walls or huge plants as focal points.

Giant Windows

Whether you opt in for glass sliding doors or huge, French-style windows, this is a great way to invite the great outdoors in. Transparent walls can help you use the gorgeous view outside as an interior design element. If the view outside your window is breathtaking, why not use that to your advantage.

Outdoor Wallpaper

If the look through your window is a dull one, there’s an easy and affordable trick to add a little nature to any room. Consider outdoor murals that cover your entire wall with a lush forest, a warm beach or anything else you’d enjoy spending your days gazing upon.

Seamless Flooring

This design feature is particularly appealing to homeowners with limited living space. A good way to extend a room and to bring the outside in is to create seamless flooring that would connect your kitchen or living room to your patio outside.

This type of flooring will blur the lines between the two areas and give an illusion of bigger space, especially when combined with giant transparent windows. Your best option to bridge the two areas is a glass sliding door. When open, they will create a perfect blend of the two areas for you to enjoy.

Earthly Hues

A color palette inspired by nature featuring tan, terracotta, brown, green and beige can be used to create a natural look for your home. This palette can create a beautiful canvas for you to decorate with traditional furniture or if you are going for a country-chic vibe.

Covered Exterior

nature covered home exterior
nature covered home exterior

If you want to fully integrate your outdoor area with your interior, consider a covered outdoor area. You can choose from various styles, including a covered patio, veranda, deck or loggias. You can enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors without any drawbacks like bad weather or pesky insects.

Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls are making a comeback, and they are a perfect way to spice up your interior with a dash of the exterior. An exposed brick wall has a specific, rustic charm and a unique character. Bricks can be incorporated into any trend, from industrial to minimal and traditional. And no matter what, bricks always look timeless.


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