What to do when your bathroom toilet is overflowing?

On average, we spend at least a thousand days in toilets in our lifetime. We want our toilets to be clean and hygienic because that is probably the first place where we end up every morning. Our bathrooms should be clean in order to prevent germs spreading to other parts of our house. But the most frustrating experience is when you wake up one morning and find that your toilet is overflowing! OMG! Let’s try to figure out some simple things you can do when you experience this DISASTER.

overflowing bathroom toilet
overflowing bathroom toilet

Find out the source of leakage

It might be just a casual mistake that you left the tap open in a hurry. Although you wasted a lot of precious water to fix this you can simply close the tap and avoid this mistake in future. It can also be due to a broken pipe, worn washer or loose knob, which can be fixed both temporarily and permanently.

For temporary relief, just get an adhesive from any nearby shop and fix it to the leakage point after making it dry. This should fix the problem for a while but you will need a replacement of the worn out parts in order to fix the problem permanently and make the bathroom fittings fully usable. Now the problem is who will do all these complex fittings?

Obviously, it’s very difficult for just anyone to fix the bathroom fittings because most of the times we do not see any screws on the parts. So, basically we need a good professional to the rescue. Earlier, plumbers were hardly available and you had to have a good relationship with one so that you could call him in crucial times.

If the blockage point is reachable to you

Until now, whatever we discussed was related to the condition when the root cause of the overflow is leakage. But most of the times it is not leakage, but blockage. So, this problem can have an immediate solution only if the blockage point is reachable to you.

Most of the times, it is due to the shampoo sachets or plastic packets which might have reached your toilet pipe somehow. You can easily fix it. Just wear a pair of gloves and take out the cover on the water outlet. With a pair of sticks or any flat-headed object try to remove the materials blocking the outlet.

Then, when you are sure you have remove all within your reach, take a relatively thin stick and push it down so that the decompose blocking material can be pushed to the wider pipe. This should solve the problem. If it is your basin which is refusing to accept any more water, check for the blockage in the pipe originating from basin only and clean it off.

If the blocking point is out of your reach

But, if the blocking point is out of your reach, you need to call a plumber as soon as possible. It would be definitely a time-taking process and you may have to clean your bathroom after everything is fixed.

Remember, you can avoid these problems by taking care of a few things. First, always use good quality hardware in you toilet. Second, never be too hard while closing the water tap. If you try rotating it more than it should be, it would eventually become loose and water will leak.

Second, never try pushing garbage into the water outlet filter. We have dustbins for that purpose. It might seem a temporary solution to the dirty bathroom, but eventually it is going to block the water outlet pipe.

These were the quick-fixes and preventive measure to combat the overflowing toilet. Do tell us your view.


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