Essential Details about Commercial Staircase

A staircase is a construction designed to bridge a larger vertical space into small vertical steps. It may be round, straight or may have many straight pieces connected at numerous angles. When building a new home or office space one of the most vital decisions one needs to take is deciding the type of staircase. The type of commercial staircases plays an essential role in increasing the aesthetic value of the commercial building. A staircase is one of the first things a visitor notices when entering a building.

Commercial Staircase
Commercial Staircase

The style of the staircase must reflect the values, nature, and aspirations of the business. It is a difficult task for the contractor to balance the type of staircase with the nature of the building. It is important to balance the design, the requirements of the customer and the materials accordingly. The contractors usually show a sample model of the finished structure before finalizing the deal. These staircases are usually available in numerous shapes and size according to your wish.

Different kinds of staircases 

For any commercial building, the staircase is usually the entry point of the premises. There are numerous types of commercial staircases available in the market. Some of them are built matching the office premises, while others are much simple but hardy. They are built to cope up with everyday wear and tear. The most common types of staircases are explained below.

  • Winder Staircase: They are usually classic commercial staircase seen in museums, hotels, heritage buildings, and other similar places. They are of vintage style and add on the beauty of the building. They are difficult to build since the steps must turn without having an actual landing. It has a wedge like shape. Exact measurements must be considered for building these staircases. They are usually of 2 types, single and double. Single staircases turn by 90 degrees while double ones have a 180-degree angle. These staircases are complemented with carved handrails made from wood or other similar materials.
  • Arched Staircases: They are commonly seen in yesteryear homes. They increase the value of the building, are commonly seen in public buildings, and are mostly speaking of grandeur. The buildings usually have two staircases of these kinds, which help to keep both the inflow and outflow traffic smooth.
  • Compact Staircases: Keeping in mind the increasing space crunch and the several restrictions the staircases are becoming compact day-by-day. These staircases are generally used for increasing the beauty of the building and are commonly used during emergencies when the commuters tend to use staircases instead of elevators or lifts. They are available in numerous shapes and sizes and can be either single or dual.
Commercial Staircase
Commercial Staircase

More information regarding staircases 

Numerous things are there to look in to before building the commercial staircases. The common things that should be checked before going for such staircases are explained below.

  • Material: Depending on the purpose and frequency of use, the type of material is decided. Usually, marble or some rich stone is used in the hotels or other heritage buildings. They increase the beauty of the place. On the other hand, concrete or other similar material can be used in a public building, where the footfall is much high.
  • Height: It is mandatory to decide the height of staircase beforehand, especially in a commercial building. The commuters would have issues going through the stairs if the staircase is high, while if it is too low it will increase the cost.
  • Balustrades: Numerous kinds of balustrades help in making the staircases. They can be made either from steel, glass, iron or from any other metals.

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