Why Your Plumbing Must Come First When Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling a home is a wonderful but stressful time for any homeowner. You may have spent days, months or even years dreaming and planning how your dream home should look or what elements  will change once you get it remodeled. If you are installing a few kitchen cabinets or a lighting fixture or two, or changing the design of the ceiling, then you should not encounter any major issues. The problem occurs when your remodeling involves major changes to the design, such as changing your kitchen sink or moving your bathroom fixtures around.

Plumbing remodeling a home
Plumbing remodeling a home

A prevailing remodeling concept

There is a common misconception that with any remodeling project, the design must always come first. A small group of experts consisting of plumbers, interior designers, electricians and general contractors do believe that the design is more important than any other aspect of the remodeling project. For them, it’s about starting with a blank slate and letting the creative juices flow. Knowing what the existing plumbing or electrical layout is like in the home will affect the design. As a result, you may not really change the look of your space but would simply be changing a minor aspect or two.

The majority of experts believe otherwise. Ask a Melbourne plumber and he will say that not seeing what the existing plumbing system is, will create bigger problems down the road. The reasoning for this: Because a plumbing system is already in place inside your home, this places some limitations on what can be done with the space. Not considering these constraints may mean that you or your designer will need to perform a huge overhaul on your initial design or incur additional costs to follow the design completely. This is a rude awakening, especially for homeowners on a tight budget. The same can be said of other systems such as electrical lines and other utility components.

Issues to consider

In the case of pipes, drainage and other major components of the plumbing system, these cannot be moved very far from their original locations. This means if your design involves moving your toilet bowl, shower area or sink to the opposite end of the bathroom, you may need to save up more to get the bathroom of your dreams.


One possible exception is if your home is built with a crawlspace. In a few cases, you may be able to move some of the fixtures from their original areas. However, if your home is built on a slab, moving any of the fixtures is impossible without making major changes to the existing plumbing system.


Another issue that may arise when ignoring the original plumbing layout is the existing size of the pipes. Building standards change over time. When it comes to plumbing, standard pipe diameters have become wider over the years. This means that in newer homes, plumbers need to install wider pipes to follow prevailing standards. If you live in an ancestral or a period home and you would like to install a water heater, you may need to think about the pipe widths.


For a lot of homeowners, the available budget is the most important factor when it comes to executing any home remodeling project. This makes it more important to consider what the layout of the plumbing system is before doing any major design decisions. Consult contractors, designers, plumbers and/or electricians to see what existing systems are already in place. Ask them what you can or cannot have in terms of design. Use their advice as your guide before coming up with the design of your dream space. This way, you will have fewer surprises and problems to worry about when the renovation stage finally goes underway.

Contact a reputable plumber in your local area. This way, you will have a better idea of what the existing regulations and standards are when it comes to pipes, drains and other plumbing concerns.

If you are planning to renovate your home anytime soon or you need an expert plumber in Melbourne, contact Diamond Plumbing today. We would be happy to assist you and answer any queries you may have with regards to plumbing.


Based in South Melbourne, Blue Diamond Plumbing was founded in 1985, working on new homes, repairs and commercial contracts. Over time they have grown to become some of the best plumbers Melbourne has to offer. Since 2001 the company has specialised in Emergency Plumbing and Property Maintenance, Repairs and Renovations for homes and businesses in Melbourne and inner city suburbs. Owner Rod Diamond has over 30 years experience with emergency plumbing in Melbourne's inner suburbs.

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