A Guide To Purchase Kitchen Countertops For Your Home

Your kitchen is one of the most vital rooms in your house. It is ideally called the hearth of the home for its great significance in our daily life. The kitchen countertop is one of the busiest parts of the kitchen and most of the kitchen work is conducted there. This goes without saying that you have to take good care of it.

Kitchen Countertops
Kitchen Countertops

But with so many options available to you, taking the right decision becomes a heck of a task. That is why here a guide is provided so that you are able to take the right decision for your kitchen. Just spare a few minutes and read on to know.

Marble Worktop – The natural colour and veining of the marble is one the most unparalleled ones in case of both the manmade and natural wallpapers. This one is a long-time favourite of the restaurant bars and the drugstore counter. Marble is such a countertop that will never lose its appeal. You should ensure that it has a honed finish and a sealant is provided to prevent the stain. Over time marble will also develops a patina.

Wood Worktop – Wood countertops are timeless in both substance and style. You will be able to refinish the substances whenever the need arises. The erstwhile grained wood such as cherry and walnuts are great options, in this case. Bamboo is another one of the popular yet durable choice that can lend a more modern feel to your kitchen. A warm-hued space or a contrast white room are ideal for wooden countertops.

Granite Worktops – In the countertop materials, granite has quickly risen to the top in the last few decades. Most of the homeowners value its vital traits like that of being naturally tough, resistant to heat and scratches, durable and the fact that it is naturally occurring in a number of shades. You will find granite worktops in both honed and polished finishes. In order to maximise its endurance you have to reseal it at least, once per year.

Butcher Block Worktop –

Butcher Block Worktop
Butcher Block Worktop

Choose butcher block if you are looking for something that is more than efficient at the time of going for food prep. This is a very popular work surface that can also be used as a chopping board. It is sturdy, highly durable and coordinates with a number of styles. You can use butcher block with stained cabinetry, then you can couple it up with the light-hued and stained countertop. This way you breakup the expanse of the countertop and raise its aesthetics.

Stainless Steel Worktop – If you are craving for an industrial look, then stainless steel happens to be the choice for you. The practical option is often popular in restaurant kitchens for its ability to withstand heat as well as regular wear and tear. Steel is completely non-porous surface, it will not absorb stains and is very simple to clean.

Quartz Worktops – Quartz worktops are the toughest when it comes to sturdiness and durability. Though it is actually man-made but they are constructed of mainly ground quartz giving them an unsurpassable resilience. Moreover, since the substance is ground, they are available in a variety of patterns, shades, colours and finishes. If you want to get the look of natural materials yet must control the design and colour of your countertop, then quartz is exactly what you want.

Glass Countertops – Whether you require a modern style kitchen or a traditional one, glass countertops can give your space a beautifully airy appeal. Glass countertops are very easy to maintain and they are resistant to heat, scratches and stains. It can work well as an ascent piece.

The above are some of the best kitchen worktops that also happen to be the most popular ones. Depending on the looks that you crave for your kitchen, you can use anyone of the ones mentioned above and form your dream kitchen.


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