6 Outstanding Uses of the Glass Erase Boards in Modern Interiors

Modern house owners and interior designers are always looking for great functional ideas that look beautiful as well. Interior designers will suggest numerous functional yet beautiful interior ideas that have the potential to enhance the functionality of various items in houses or any other interior spaces they are implemented in. One such great idea is to correctly install glass erase boards in various interiors in the right way. These glass boards are manufactured from sheets of laminated glass and hence possess great levels of strength, much greater than any other forms of writing boards in fact.

Glass Erase Boards in Modern InteriorsAdditional to their heightened strength levels, the glass boards also look elegant and beautifully crafted and also come in various color or clear options that enables them to be matched or contrasted with the rest of the interior efficiently as well. While clear glass boards will go well on any colored surfaces as long as they produce enough contrast with the markers to be used on them, the colored options come in the darkest black ones to the lighter orange ones as well that facilities contrasting markers to highlight writing on them even more. Here are a few outstanding uses of the glass erase boards in modern interiors.

1: Teacher’s writing Board

Whiteboards have served the education industry pretty well from generations, however they had some limitations in their color options and also durability. No matter how expensive or advanced whiteboard you got, it will show ghosting from color of the markers that are used on them and cleaning them has been a pain in the spine rather and yet after a few months of use cleaning or erasing them completely is hopeless. Some part of the ink from markers will show on them no matter what erasers or inks (dry or wet) you used on them.

Glass boards on the other hand have no such limitations. They come in potentially unlimited color options and also are the easiest surfaces to clean or erase. Being one of the smoothest surfaces, writing on them is very enjoyable and adding that to their easy erase ability, they have replaced traditional whiteboards in the education industry very efficiently. Teachers find it really easy to write and erase from these glass boards making this one of the outstanding uses of the glass erase boards in modern interiors.

2: Task Board for Offices

Offices can implement these glass boards efficiently as well by making them their dedicated task boards as well. Providing a very smooth writing surfaces, these glass boards can be used to write daily tasks and draw performance charts on them very efficiently and when those tasks and charts are no longer required, they can be erase just as easily.

Additionally, there is no limitation as to where they can be installed, they can be attached to the walls as well as placed on height adjustable stands wherever required in the office space efficiently. These have the ability to organize office tasks on daily basis in a much better way where different colored markers can also be used to identify the priority tasks from each other as well.

3: Kitchen Multipurpose Surfaces or Menu Board

When looking at their uses in domestic households, kitchens can benefit from them efficiently as well. Usually people when in the kitchen need pens and paper to write recipes or make lists of the things they need as well. These glass boards can be successfully installed on any smooth surfaces and their strength level allows them to withstand impacts of variable levels as well.

Counter tops, cupboard doors or even nearest walls can be fitted with one of these glass board options to enhance the functionality of that particular surface as well as make it shine brighter at the same time as well. These glass boards are finished very nicely with chamfered edges that gives them a great look and feel around the edges and their clear or colored finish can complement the rest of the kitchen design very nicely. Combining elegant looks with great functionality, this is one of the outstanding uses of the glass erase boards in modern interiors.

4: Workplace Walls and Desk Separators

In offices and workplaces, desk separators and walls are generally in great demand. Offices need to separate desks using sheets of materials that enable more than one person using the table without them getting interfered from what the other one is doing. Wood sheets have been used as separators for as long as many people can remember in offices but they fail to combine beautiful elegance with functionality of providing a writable surface.

Glass boards however shine bright in this area as well. When they are installed on tables separating them from the middle or any other required percentage, people on both sides of the tables using them for their own purpose have the ability to write quick notes on them whenever required. The best implementation is to install a sheet of whatever colored plastic or even wood in the middle and then paste glass board sheets on both sides and use markets in the opposite colors from the middle sheet in order to enhance contrast of writing and also keep both sides separately private from each other. This way both people on both sides will be able to use them as writing surfaces at any one given time without interfering with the other.

5: Wall-Sized Calendar/Organizer

Offices or workspaces also often need calendars or organizers on which they can write or draw their scheduled activities along with their progress and completion times as well. Wall sized glass boards provide an excellent opportunity in this regard as well. When a side wall is covered with a writable glass board, the opportunity to write on it efficiently presents itself and helps greatly in saving paper or other forms of waste while providing a smooth easily erasable surface at hand as well.

This use of the glass board is also made more famous in the Hollywood blockbuster “The Accountant” where Ben Affleck working as an extraordinary accountant was able to perform complex complications on the glass walls of the meeting room he was working in and in the next scene we see clears erasing all the writing just by using cleaning cloths and regular erasers.

6: Magnetic Clip-On Note/Comment Board

When looking for great ways to attach notes or comments about certain tasks in offices or homes alike, glass boards can be of great use as well. Usually glass is not interpreted as a magnetic surface, however this can be changed by installing a magnetic sheet underneath the glass board sheet and then sticking notes and comments on one of those sticky notes sized paper pieces but without the sticky top part, for that magnetic clippers can be attached on their topsides that will keep them pasted on the glass sheet without creating any mess from the sticky materials in the sticky notes at all.

This is a great way of keeping the surface absolutely clean while erasing any writing you may do on these glass boards as well with a cloth or eraser as you would normally on the glass boards installed on their own.


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