Top 7 Benefits of Cement Rendering and their Applications

Modern, functional and creative homes are the need of the time. That is the reason for the rise in the mix of innovation and creativity in most of the home improvement projects. This further adds to the intrinsic as well as an extrinsic value of the homes. Home improvement projects include things like painting, cement rendering, DIY projects, flooring and tiling, roofing, etc.


Cement rendering refers to the process of adding a mixture of sand and cement to bricks to add to its strength and appearance. You can choose from the range of textures, colors, and styles to make your house look smart and attractive. There are several types of rendering that can be applied to homes, such as acrylic rendering, cement, etc.

The Advantages of Using Cement Rendering Over Other Choices of Rendering are:

  • It is cheaper
  • It is sturdy and, durable
  • Application process is relatively easy
  • It dries quickly
  • Textures and colors can be added easily, offering it quicker finish.

The application process of cement render is relatively easy, as the mix is made of the sand and cement. This is then evenly applied to the exterior (sometimes even interior) of the homes, giving it a strong, durable and attractive finish.

Benefits of Cement Rendering

1. Aesthetic Appeal

The first most obvious benefits of cement rendering are the aesthetically pleasing appeal it adds to your home. The colors and styles, textures can be added using a variety of tools, such as brushes, sponges, stamps, etc. These give your home a new and finished look which is enough to make anyone turn twice.

2. Durability

The exteriors of our homes are exposed to many destructive agencies; water, the wind, pollution, sunlight, etc. Rendering your home with cement provides it durability and strength. Cement render is stronger than other forms of render. The external of our homes is constantly exposed to harsh climatic and weather changes. Adding a durable render will keep the surface of your home scratch resistant and resilient.

3. Property Value

Rather than the obvious fact of adding aesthetic value to your home, it also adds to the property value of a house. When you sell your house, you can expect a better price for the property because of the sturdy cement rendering added to the walls of the house.

4. Energy Efficient

Adding a coat of rendering to your walls builds up a sort of insulation by trapping heat inside the house. This can be extremely energy efficient in cold climates, where heaters and insulators are regularly used.  This will automatically cut down on heating and cooling and reduces the energy consumption, keeping your home warm and cozy.

5. Resistance

Due to the strong coating of render added on your walls, your house instantly becomes more resistant to outer forces of climate changes or weather changes. The heat, water, snow, or any sort of pollution will not touch your house, keeping your walls scratch-free and beautiful for years to come.

6. Affordable

Unlike other types of rendering, the option of using cement is more affordable than other rendering options. This means almost any person can add beauty and value to their home by paying a very small price but getting big returns on the same.

7. Uniqueness

Rendering with cement gives you hundreds of options of colors, textures, styles, designs, etc. Let out your creative side come out, and beautify your home by making use of your unique taste. Your home will stand out from the others with the implementation of your unique choice of rendering option.


Rendering your home can be one of the easiest, fun and innovative home improvement projects you can take on. Easy, affordable and value adding!


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