Knowing the Wood Before You Choose the Spotted Gum Decking

When it comes to planning for the decks or porches, one is free to experiment. Right from the modern look, with stones to a rustic appearance with wood, a homeowner has endless materials to choose from. The spotted gum decking is picking up popularity and many people are choosing this wood over the regular ones. Certainly, it is slightly expensive but its appearance makes up for everything. However, there is no point in going with the masses and know certain things before choosing the spotted gum for your decks or porches.

Spotted gum decking
Spotted gum decking
  • Easy Availability

    The spotted gum is easily available in most of the countries, especially Australia. So, if you think that you might not be able to find this wood for renovation or repairing your old spotted gum decking, then you are wrong. Most of the deck dealers will have this wood available with them and can supply you with the quantity you want. There is no need to worry unnecessarily about its unavailability, in case, there is mishap during the decking process and you might need them more.

  • Color Variation

    The moment you look at the spotted gum wood, you will find ample variations. Since it is a natural wood, you cannot do anything about the differences. So, when you think of spotted gum decking, you will have to accept the fact that you cannot get absolute uniformity and there will be slight variation. However, with polishing and other chemical treatments, you can certainly think of getting the deck planks to look similar to a certain extent.

  • Strength and Durability

    Nothing can beat the endurance of the spotted gum. This wood comes with brilliant resistance to outside weather and pests like termites. So, spotted gum decking is certainly the best choice for a backyard, garden, or front porch renovation. While it is easy to work on, you can relax and rely on its strength to last with you for years. Most of the experts including the fire professionals have categorized this wood amongst the hardwoods who are safe in fire hazard areas.

  • Customization

    One of the reasons why people choose spotted gum decking is that it is extremely easy to work on. Because of the natural oils in the wood, the professional finds it easier to run their machine on this wood. Additionally, if you wish to get a personalized deck for your home, you can think of one with this wood. This means you can score this wood a ten on ten for any renovation project that too as per your wish.

  • Maintenance

    When you get the spotted gum decking, there is nothing much to work on the maintenance. You can sweep and clean the floor regularly without getting involved intensively. If there are spots or stain, you can easily get them cleaned with the help of the cleaning solution. In addition, if you have to keep up with the look of the flooring, you can use decking oils. In case, you are not interested in oiling or waxing the floor, you can bring in the professionals to help you with the same.

Spotted gum decking
Spotted gum decking

In general, there are enormous benefits of having the spotted gum decking. Even if there is damage on such deck floors, you can get it fixed easily. It is always good to be updated with certain facts about the kind of flooring you choose for decks. Such practice will help you choose the right patterns and services for installation. Maintenance and cleaning become easier. Most importantly, you do not have to over-spend time on working such floors. You get the best look for your decks with minimal effort and continue to have the same look for years.


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