5 Great Exterior Painting Ideas to Make Your Home Stand out

A paint job gives a house a unique look of cleanliness the one you cannot achieve no matter how hard you scrub. It can also give you a sense of new beginning, an awe and comfort every time you come home. This doesn’t mean you can simply paint your house white, not every house can pull this look off. You probably want to stick around and see how your house can make you proud.

Make it unique

Modern Trade Painter
Modern Trade Painter

Every house is unique in its own way but is yours unique enough to catch an eye on Google street view? You can certainly make it so. Have a look at your neighborhood and make a list of what you do not want to have. This way you will get a careful look at why you do not like certain houses and avoid doing the same thing. Also, you will know what all is out there and it will help you create something that’s not. This way, your house will be completely different and that is the first rule of standing-out.

Stay true to the original style

The house should stand out for its beauty and not your bad taste. Find out a bit of background on your house and the architectural style. Is your house inspired by a historical era or is it a modern, futuristic house? What is the exterior made of? Is it wood, bricks or perhaps stone? Take this into account when deciding on a color.

Use differences to make a difference

When talking about selecting the right color for your house, it would be more appropriate to say colors. You should never go for one color only, as it will make your house dull, no matter how bold your choice appears to be. It would be like selecting the same color for the font and the background, invisible and faceless. Apart from the classical complementary colors, there are new color schemes that can produce the same contrast effect. You can choose dark blue for your field color, light wood for your accent color and white for your trim color. Go in that direction and find colors that will emphasize the lines of your house, let those beautiful windows and ornaments be seen, paint the facial expression of your house.

Play with shades

A less daring, but equally beautiful way of outlining the face of your house is choosing to play with light rather than contrast. Use several different shades of the same color. This way you will not go wrong when matching colors. For example, you can have a light gray field with dark gray trim and white accent color.

Choose a theme

If you want your house to be recognizable and memorable, you can choose a theme and appeal to the great audience of by-passers. The house is the way it is but you can still play around with colors. If there is something you really like such as a book, a film, a country or a life style, why not try to revive it. You can live in the candy house from Hansel and Gretel or on the Italian isle of Capri. I leave it to your imagination. The chances are that there aren’t that many similar houses in the world, and especially not in your neighborhood.

A valuable advice from Professional Sydney Painters is to do the preparation properly regardless of the color scheme. Sometimes people are not too worried if they are placing a layer of darker color over a worn-off light color but this is a mistake. Be prepared to spend the equal amount of time for both preparation and painting. You need the paint to last.


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