Marble Stone: Incredible Properties and Usable Values

Marble is one such flawless natural stone, whose beauty is hard to substitute. There must be some reasons behind the growing demand of marble stone to address certain constructional pieces. Whether to build a marble kitchen top or a statue, you can use natural stones. Once you are through with the characteristics and physical properties of this stone, you will get to know why it is so popular. 

Marble Stone
Marble Stone

Time for the physical properties:

Let’s discuss about the physical properties of marble first. This natural stone is available in large deposits and can be geographically extensive and thick in nature. That helps the item to be mined economically on a larger scale. Recent studies have indicated that some well-known quarries and mines are able to produce nearly millions of marbles on a yearly count. Just because these are so popular among masses, therefore; such heavy numbers of production are to be covered.

  • Marble stone is made by mining dimension stone and crushed stone.
  • Crushed stone is the source of aggregate which is used to cover railroad beds, highways, building foundations and for many purposes in other constructional areas.
  • Dimension stone, on the other hand, is made by sawing the marble into multiple pieces of the same dimensions. It is used in construction applications such as buildings sculptures, monuments, etc. and other paving projects.

Idea on its formation:

The next time when you see a marble stone, you will always like to think about its formation. Being a natural stone, it takes millions of years to form some quality amount of marble. It is also known as a metamorphic rock and can be procured straight from limestone. It takes a shape due to heat and pressure from the earth crust during some of the geological procedures. The temperature and pressure help in eliminating fossils, which might exist in between the initial rocks. It is mainly due to the forces that limestone’s texture starts to change. It is the impurities, located inside limestone, which help in affecting the mineral composition of marble and finally help in its formation. 

Check out the characteristics:

Before you jump right into using marble stone for your next big construction work, it is always a good idea to check out the characteristics. Marble is basically a stone, which comes handy with a firm crystal like structure and slight porosity.

  • It is mainly because of its structure that you can easily polish marble for improving shine and making it even more attractive among the masses.
  • The porosity of marble is primarily restricted. But, when refined, it can turn out to be less susceptible to any sort of water damage.
  • The main ingredient of marble is calcium carbonate, which is known to be extremely susceptible to the acidic agents. It can further help in dissolving marble in some of the acids.
  • The primary influence of acidic contact might vary with the form of acid, which are sulfates, chlorides and other types of chemical compounds. These will respond in multiple ways with the marble of your choice.
  • It is always mandatory to ascertain the pollutant types first, that might give rise to marble deterioration. It is going to be a helpful option for you.
Marble Stone
Marble Stone

Once you are through with the basic points and values of marble stone, you can use it in your own favor. So many manufacturing and construction units are currently harping on this stone for introducing new stylish results. That shows the growing popularity of this item.


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