A Few Reasons to Start Napping As If You Needed Anymore!

Though humans typically live out each day broken into two main segments i.e. sleeping and waking, most other mammals tend to nap for short periods throughout the day. And though we are not mean to follow the same pattern, naps have actually proven to be very beneficial for us sleep-deprived 21st-century beings. In fact, it is recommended that we try and squeeze in a nap when we can, so as to try and balance out the negative effects caused by sleep deprivation. However, do not get carried away and skimp out on proper sleep by telling yourself you can nap later, because that is just completely unhealthy. Napping is a bonus, and here are a few of its benefits.


Keeps You Alert

One of the side-effects of sleep deprivations, is feeling sluggish and lethargic. During the day, you need to be sprightly and alert, which is a problem when your body has not had the rest it needs. Napping can help inject back a dose of alertness, helping you power through your day until you are ready to head to bed for a good long sleep at the end of it. Just make sure you do not exceed 30 minutes though, else instead of feeling alert, you will simply feel even groggier than you did when you went for your nap.

Reduces Burnout

Think about it. On days you function with just 2-3 hours of sleep, you are ready to collapse just about anywhere and curl up into a ball. You are excessively tired, irritable and just want to stay put without exerting much energy. This is only natural, seeing as how your body is not up to facing an entire day ahead of it on so little sleep. Naps can help rectify this situation if even by a little. True enough you will be spending a bit of your sleeping which is something some people do not like to do, but it is a much better use of your time than groggily going about your business. You might not always have a memory foam pillow at your disposal when you want to nap, but you will have to let that go.

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Remedy for Sleep Disorders

For those who may be battling sleep disorders such as insomnia and narcolepsy, napping can be a great solution all round. One of the most frustrating things about sleep disorders, is getting through your day with a severely disrupted sleep pattern which can be understandably challenging, Sleep disorders cannot be treated overnight, which means that one has to go through this for a little while longer, until they see change setting in following help. This is where napping can be useful. One can try and reel their life back in with short bursts of sleep throughout the day, so they can about their work as normally as possible.

Improved Health

All in all, introducing napping into your schedule can be a very good thing for your health, especially if you are someone who simply cannot get a full night’s sleep. Over time, you could experience various health issues simply brought on by a lack of sleep, which napping effectively kicks to a side. Though of course this is not a 100% remedy for anything, it certainly makes life easier to handle. If you need more detailed information, contact a sleep clinic, they will be able to point you in a more specific direction.


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