Health Benefits of Certain Home Décor

In my small hometown, at the end of our main road, there is a large and beautiful red brick building that we call the Marketplace. Little shops and storefronts line the walls of this marketplace and I love walking up and down the lines of them looking at each of them and seeing what craft or hobby the owners have made into their passion-filled living.

I saved the best one for the last—a small shop that sells antique teacups and saucers, each one adorable and unique. Some have delicate floral patterns that twist their stems and leaves around the cup with bright and beautiful blooms budding. Others are brightly colored and splattered with polka dots or stripes. And the best part: each one is filled with rich soil and several small succulent plants, thriving in their baby ecosystem.

Looking at these brilliantly green, little plants in their palm-sized porcelain beds fills my heart with joy.

Why? It’s just a plant in a cup.

There have been so many scientific studies and articles written on the benefits of indoor plants and what they can do for the cleanliness and quality of air.  Not to mention the entire theory of positive and negative ions in the air and how those can affect our moods, productivity, energy level, etc. The more negative ions there in the air, the more positive effects those will have on your mind and body.

Plants are great producers of such negative ions in the air as well as other things like Himalayan Salt Lamps and indoor waterfalls.

There is no doubt about the fantastic benefits of these baby green buds finding a home within your home. Outside of the health benefits that these can have on your physical body, there are certain positive effects that they can have on your psychology and mentality as well. The aesthetic presence of greenery indoors, whether it be in your home or office, has been proven to reduce stress, increase attention span, boost your mood, help you to tolerate pain more easily… the list goes on.

And so, why in the world do those miraculous, green and bulbous plants make me feel so much on both a physical and emotional level? I suppose science and psychology are the answer to that question. The beautiful thing about succulents is that they are generally very easy to take care of. Spritz them once or twice a week and that’s about all the upkeep they require.

However, if the real thing isn’t for you—you’ve got a thumb of death and not a green one—you can opt for artificial plants. They will still benefit your mentality, just not your body. Their aesthetic presence can still help to boost your mood, they won’t clean and filter the air.  Regardless of which you choose, this type of home décor will enhance your home and change you as a person for the better.

Didn’t know a simple decoration could do that, did you?


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