Ideas for an Inspiring and Functional Home Office

Even though many of us still work in a corporate office, working from home is something that’s on the increase, even if it’s just one day a week. To help ensure you’re concentrating and giving your best from the comfort of your own home, a home office is a great idea.

But, rather than keeping it bland and simple, why not create a room or area that inspires you to come up with some of your best work, while having everything you need, too?

“Working from home is no longer a euphemism for a slow day, more people do it which means it has to count productivity-wise,” they say at Denhan Guaranteed Rent. “Creating a space you’re comfortable in and inspired by, is the perfect way to ensure you’ll always work as hard from home – if not harder – than you do when you’re in the office.”

organised office
Neetly organised office enhances productivity

Bright and With Regular Office Features

Adding some bright colours to your office space is a good way to help keep it light and feel happy. You can add colour with your chairs, art or accessories. They are a good way to draw the eye when you walk into your home office and they can also be a focal point for when you’re thinking things through or collecting your thoughts.

Or, another option is to have a bright and bold wall mounted clock. Even though the time is easily available on our computer screens, having a big clock on the wall is reminiscent of the office and can help remind you of when deadlines are and that you’re still in work mode.

“Adding bright colours and office-type touches is an excellent way of designating a room or area as work space,” claims Robert Holmes. “They can work as natural reminders that when you’re in that room you need to concentrate and have something to focus on while your mulling particular details over.”

office colours
Adding bright colours to your office boosts positivity

Organised Storage

Even if you don’t work from home every day, your home office will still benefit from the right storage. This can be functional and unobtrusive or a feature of the room. Whichever option you choose, though, it needs to work for you and easily hold everything you need it to.

The humble desk remains an office staple, for one simple reason – it’s serves its purpose excellently. You can have drawers that are built into it, or add your own specialist storage underneath or on top. It can be bright and modern or you can go for a classic look.

If you have a house that’s bursting with character, then why not take a trip to a local auction and try and pick something up that would suit your home, just right. Of course, a modern desk from a furniture shop would work well too, but if you want your desk and drawers to have a little character, auctions are good place to start.

“Work desks have been around for a long time and the basic design has changed very little,” concludes an expert at Lawsons & Daughters. “If you enjoy looking around for something that’s just right, then an auction is a fun place to look for a desk to furnish your home office, with.”


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