Garage Interior Design Guide-How to design your Garage interior

The garage is one of the most neglected areas in any house. Many individuals only view it as a space to park their vehicles. Homeowners fail to see how it can add to a house’s overall appeal. The garage is not only a drive in, but it’s also an area of the house which one must design, and upgrade. Here are simple tips and tricks to easily and efficiently improve your garage interior.

  • Condition yourself
Garage Interior
Garage Interior

Homeowners would rarely think about how their garages work. In the past, you might have only seen your garage as a place to store junk, supplies, and your vehicle. Now, you must change this mindset. Accepting the fact that the garage is not only a drive in is the very first step for designing your garage.


  • Plan everything properly

Do not consider style over function if your garage is small. Make sure that the design will permit plenty of workspace and area for vehicles. The project will not be implemented smoothly without proper planning because poor preparation can lead to huge blunders and additional expenses.

  • Lighting

You must assess the installed lighting in your garage. Keep in mind that you will be doing quite a lot of odd jobs in your garage, especially if you have a workbench, so you will need sufficient lighting. Ideally, you will need more than one overhead light installed in your garage, and one of them should be able to illuminate the bonnet of your car in case you need to do some simple maintenance works.

  • Floor finishes

Rough cement finish works well on garages. But, you may want to improve it. You can try placing floor mats to improve comfortability, or you can upgrade the floor by applying a finish. If you can afford them, install some rough tiles on the floor so that it won’t get slippery even when your car starts leaking oil all over the place.

  • Add storage space

If you have tons of boxes in your garage, it’s time to create hanging storage. If you do so, you will not only regain your space but also save you from deciding whether to throw or keep your stuff.

  • Install insulation

It’s not difficult to create insulation for your garage door and garage wall; you just need two sets of materials to start. The first one is a pre-cut R-4 expanded polystyrene panel foam that you can buy online and the second one is your typical garage door insulation kit. Choose one from the two to prevent anyone from freezing in your garage.

  • Place some potted plants inside

Usually, garages do not incorporate windows. This makes the air inside it heavy and stale. Try adding some greenery and dusting frequently to freshen your garage interior and to maintain cleanliness.

Final Thoughts:

Treat your garage as a haven or sanctuary where you can relax and unwind. In this way, you’ll see it as a part of your home. Don’t let this valuable space waste away. Be artistic and improve your garage interior.

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Jon works for Acron Garage Doors Ltd – Garage Door Kent. Helping clients in complex situations is what he loves most about his job. If not working, Jon can be found behind any new romantic novel. He also loves to blog about his experiences & challenges he faces at work.


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