Which are the signs that will lead to roof damages?

The roof is an important component of any building structure. Whether you own a residential or a commercial property, it is essential to ensure its sturdiness as it help protects from the various natural hazards.

Usually, the roof lasts between 20 to 25 years on an average. However, it is seen that the roofs have seen some early damage while the rest of the structure maintains its sturdiness. The roofs are exposed to different climatic conditions and have to bear the natural hazards. Therefore, it is important to inspect the roof at least once in a year to find out the damage and get it repaired on time before it becomes a serious problem and created further damage to the structure leading to more expensive repair works.

If you suspect any sort of damage to the roof then you should call for the service of the professional who can repair the damage in a proficient manner. Proper roof maintenance and timely repair are crucial for ensuring the sturdiness and enduring life of the roof and to maintain the structural quality of the building structure. By finding a problem early, you could avoid major expenses on the major roof repair work or replacement of the roof.

Some of the warning signs that indicate that the roof need repair are discussed below-

  • Damaged Roof Flashing- most of the times the leaks happen at flashings.  If the flashing is rusted or has bent or is damaged there is a good chance of the water to seep into the structure and create damage to the structure.  By detecting the problem earlier you can prevent the leaks and further damage.
  • Cracked Roof Surface- It is important to find the cracks and bubbles on the roof surface as it indicated the sign of the moisture getting trapped in the area that can lead to leakage. The cracks and blistering are the warning signs of a falling roof and hence it is essential to get it repaired as soon as possible. You must not avoid the cracks and blisters as it will lead to more serious problems and make the structure weak.
  • Interior Water Stains and Leaks- Sometimes, the leaks appear inside the building structure. If you notice the roof panels or the walls have yellow water spot or is dripping then it means that there is leakage and it needs to be repaired. Water damage is a serious issue and if left unrepaired for long then it can lead to mold and mildew accumulation which can cause health problems, allergies, and breathing problems. It might be difficult to detect the water damage, therefore, if you notice a leak, call a professional roofing company to get it repaired correctly.
  • The Increase in the Energy Costs-Another sign that indicated that your roof needs repair is that there will be a sudden increase in the utility bills. The insulation becomes saturated because of the leaks. The water intrusion will gradually deplete the insulation resulting in higher energy bills.
  • Lack of Roof Maintenance-Many times, people do not regularly inspect their roof and do not fix the minor defects like cracks, ponding of water etc. that lead to major roof damage with time. It is important to inspect the roof to repair the minor defects as it will help maximize the life of the roof and will reduce the expense of major repairs.

There are certain damages that are easily detectable but some damages usually remain unnoticed and create serious damage. Each of these major or minor signs of the roof damage can be minimized by regular inspection. Therefore, if you are unable to detect the damage then it is best to call a professional expert. They can inspect the damage and quickly repair the damage and prevent the need for expensive roof replacement or large roof damage repair work.


Jim Chronopoulos

Jim Chronopoulos is the owner of Melbourne Quality Roofing. With over 25 years of rich experience Melbourne Quality Roofing offers professional and affordable roof restoration services to commercial and residential properties in Melbourne & nearby suburbs.

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