How to Transform Your Backyard Into a Golf Course

If you are looking for a variety of recreational options, it might be a good idea to have the props required set up in your backyard. You can hang a basketball hoop, have a clear area where you and your friends can play football or rugby. Set up an adjustable net which you can use to play tennis or alternatively lift it up for a game of volleyball. If you are a fan of golf, you can set up a course.

Why Golf?

golf course
golf course

This game is perfect as you can play it on your own and with friends, and it can be played by both children and adults. It does not require a lot of physical strength and the difference in strength does not determine the winner. Consequently, this is a perfect game for the entire family as you can make mixed teams where all mom, dad, and the children can play as equals. Golf is particularly beneficial for young players as it helps them develop dexterity, focus and precision skills.

Judge the size

Begin by sketching a plan of your golf course. Estimate how many holes your range can have based on the size of the portion of your backyard you would like to use. If you judge that you do not have enough space for a satisfactory course, I suggest you opt for a miniature golf course as it requires much less space. However, the experiences from playing the two differ greatly.  Swing eagle golf swing training could illustrate this with the use of different clubs and putts, plus the effects of the environment.

Prepare the land

This is basically you mowing the loan to satisfy criteria of each different part of the course. If you are not happy with the grass quality in your backyard, you can look into purchasing artificial grass for those parts that require a neat lawn. Be sure to remove any hazardous objects such as sharp rocks or fallen branches. Carefully choose where you want to place the holes as you probably want the terrain around it flat and not hilly.

lawn care
lawn care

Build obstacles

Use natural features of the terrain to create obstacles. If you have any indents, fill them with sand or gravel. Dig little pools of water to create ponds. Beware as these need a particular type of maintenance since they can be a home to various parasites if not tended to regularly. However, water obstacles might end up costing you more in both short and long run so you can avoid them unless the designated area is so big that this type of obstacle will be missed.

Build mini obstacles

If you have decided at paragraph two to opt for a putt-putt golf course, you need to think about a variety of obstacles you can build here. Some say that a castle and a windmill are a must. You can make those or you can be creative and think of your own theme for a hole. If you have children, you can include them in this project. You can do the ‘big’ landscaping part of the job and you can leave to them to design and build the holes. Mini golf obstacles are handy as some of them can be taken indoors if the weather is playing up.

To me, golf brings about the same level of excitement as a board game does. The difference is that it relaxes you and it keeps you outside. Having a course in the backyard will help you organize your day better and have more time for recreation, which is so scarce nowadays.


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