Important Things to Know Before Planning The Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are surely a reflection of our lifestyle. We all want it to be perfect and able to give the required comfort. At the same time, it is highly important to have the right fixtures capable of providing real value.

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Although, bathroom renovation is quite an exciting task, but before choosing the amenities, you need to check other pre-requisites of bathroom remodeling.

No matter you are living in a simple room or a master suite, your bathroom functionality and design should be at the heart of perfection. Here we have briefly discussed the must have things in your bathroom remodeling in order to check whether your bathroom stands the test of time.

Important Considerations for Bathroom Remodeling:

1.Cost Estimation:

If you are planning for a bathroom renovation then you should work on the budget. Setting up a budget will help you to decide what to include in the remodeling and how much to spend. You can then have a clear-cut idea about other expenses like tiles, fixtures etc.

2. Time Duration:

It is not necessary that having a small bathroom will require less number of days for complete fixtures. It all depends on the number of items you want to change. Your contractor will take all those small steps same as for a larger bathroom.

However, you can pre-order all those necessary items like tiles, cabinets, and fixtures before the commencement of work.

3. Setting Sequence of Work:

Completing the job in a set sequence is quite helpful during bathroom remodeling. If you really want to protect your new components, then start with the ceiling, then go for walls and then floors.

4. Deal with the Biggest & Hidden Problem First:

If you are looking for a major upgrade, ask for a professional expertise then. Only then your bathroom will function flawlessly for years to come adding a tremendous value to your home.

5. Design and Functionality Choices:

When you are planning for a renovation, prior thinking and searching of the interior can be very handy like choosing paint color, tile design, vanities, type of shower etc. Make these choices and decisions prior to bathroom remodeling commencement so there would be no delays or hassles.

6. Size Specification:

Make sure you have all the necessary measurements with you before you finalize the interior of a bathroom. These measurements include the size of a bathroom, location of pipes and their measurements, electrical wiring and dimensions of bathroom fixtures.

7. Renovation Contract:

Planning to do it by yourself? Well, you can save yourself from the misery of workload and time. There are certain things a contractor can really do well given the complexity of the job.

8. Remodeling of Fixtures:

During a complete renovation, only the repairing of fixtures can take on a separate checklist like checking for shower, bathtub, bidet, sink and faucets. You can also change the hardware of your bathroom like handles, drawer pulls.

If your budget allows, then go for a new shower that can aesthetically change the look of your bathroom.

9. Walls and Flooring Ideas:

Choosing walls and floors for a bathroom is a bit tricky, you need to check whether they are waterproof and have a finished design that matches with the interior.

Depending on your budget, you can choose the style of marble, ceramic or granite tiles, but make sure they are highly durable.

9. Lights:

A bathroom can be very dangerous if you have not used proper lighting. Use of (at least) 4 watts of lighting per square feet is highly advisable.

Other Accessories:

No bathroom remodeling is complete without proper and new accessories. Although they are insignificant, small stuff like towels and towel racks, mirrors, bath mats go hand in hand.

Finally, if you are planning to put your house for rent or sale, then it’s highly important that property value should get an increase by time and if you are planning to live in your house for a couple of years then the design of your bathroom should match with your preferences and way of living.


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