Home Improvements: Affordable and Easy Home Upgrades

“Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” –Nate Berkus

Home improvements are integral not only to the aesthetics of your home, but to the functionality as well. Unfortunately, most homeowners are under the misguided impression that home renovations would cost them an arm and a leg just to accomplish. On the contrary however, if you are a creative individual with a penchant for DIY (do it yourself) projects, home improvements would not only be easy but surprisingly affordable as well. With the right planning and a couple of handy tools that can be easily found in your home, you are well on your way to creating a home atmosphere that is not only stunning, but practical as well.

Home interior Upgrades
Home interior Upgrades

If you have been looking to give your homes in Arca South or elsewhere a refreshing touchup, here are some of the most affordable ways to do it:

  1. Refresh your homes with paint

It has been said that if you wish to give an area a fresh new face, all you would need is to incorporate new colors into the space. We can apply the same analogy to our homes. By painting the rooms of your home in new colors, you are not only effectively brightening it up but you are also giving it a new look. Furthermore, house painting is one of the cheapest home improvements you can do with a significantly startling effect in your rooms.

  1. Install crown moldings

Most homeowners would neglect the installation of crown moldings thinking of it as an added unnecessary expense. However, crown moldings are not only cheap, but they give your home that subtle touch of sophistication and elegance as well. Moreover, crown moldings instantly adds charm and value to your homes. One of the easiest ways to do it is to look for moldings in lightweight polystyrene foam material. This should be coated in hard plaster so that it would be durable. It requires no fancy tools to install and cuts smoothly with just a handsaw. Lastly, it easily attaches in a flash with a joint compound.

  1. Install a low-cost stair runner

Give your staircases that much needed flair by installing a stair runner. Stair runners would not only drastically improve the aesthetics of a particular space, but they serve as a good grip on your stairs as well—particularly if your staircase is made of slippery wood. This non-slip upgrade does not need to be expensive as you can easily find cheap woven runners in home depots.

  1. Brighten up floor space with paint

Giving your floors a fresh look need not be expensive, and there is no absolute need to invest on various tiles or floorboards. For a more affordable alternative, choose to paint your floors in lieu of refinishing it. Incorporate fresh and energetic energy to your rooms by painting the floor in fun or formal patterns to complement the walls of a particular space in your homes.

  1. Give kitchen cabinets a new finish

To brighten up your kitchen space, give it a flawless and sophisticated finish. While hard wood cabinets and steel appliances are the modern trend nowadays, they tend to suck out all the natural light with its dark colors. Instead, play around with bright and fun colors such as apple green and yellows. Both colors look stunningly gorgeous against light wooden colors. There is no need to replace all the gloomy boxes and cabinets with new ones—all you would need to do is spruce them up for a bit and brush new paint on them. Simple and straightforward—and it does not cost you a lot as well.


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