Fifteen Beautiful Indoor Plants that are Easy to Maintain

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Your house interior is just like a new canvas which is ready to be painted just the way you want. There are many beautiful indoor plants which are also easy to maintain and fill your house with positivity and life. The indoor plants you use are just like a piece of furniture introduced in the house. You need to check its colour and maintenance. You will have to fulfil the plants’ requirement of adequate light exposure, water or soil nutrients.

Here is a list of top fifteen most attractive indoor plants that are also easy to maintain and cam sparkle your house:

  • Monstera deliciosa


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This plant has attractive leaves and is very easy to replant. It requires very low maintenance. You can water it once a week for proper growth.

  • Windowsill Spa


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It has a very relaxing fragrance and beautiful appearance. It also requires low maintenance.

  • Chinese evergreen

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This plant has very attractive leaves in shades of silver, grey and green. It needs medium light and watering once a week would be enough.

  • Ficus Lyrata

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It is a very elegant plant to add to your house. It requires adequate sunlight and enough water. Watering it once a week would be enough. Place it near a window.

  • Citrus Meyeri

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This plant has an exotic smell and is a hybrid or lemons and oranges. It adds a refreshing fragrance to your house and needs a lot of sunlight and weekly watering.

  • The Jade plant

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This indoor plant can add the right freshness and elegance to your house. It does not require frequent watering. It needs bright to medium light.

  • Dracaena

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There are many varieties of this plant. It transforms your space and makes it look more alluring. Make sure the soil surface has dried before you water it again. It needs medium light.

  • Howea Forsteriana

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It has big leaves and gives an alluring look to your space. It requires more space to grow properly and medium light.

  • Aspidistra Elatior

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If you want to add a lustrous look to your indoor space, then this plant is the right choice. It needs medium to low sunlight and lesser watering. You can water it every ten to twelve days.

  • ZZ Plant

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Zamioculcas Zamiifolia is commonly known as the ZZ plant. It grows fairly well in medium to low sunlight. However, it is poisonous

  • Boston Fern


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This is yet another captivating indoor plant that grows well kept moist. You can hang it in a basket for increasing its beauty.

  •      Grape Ivy

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Its shiny dark green leaves can attract anyone around. It has a very nice texture and looks adorable in hanging baskets.

  • Snake Plant

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This plant is very popular for its striking beauty and becomes the centre of attention in your indoor space. It is a low maintenance plant often spotted in mall or restaurants for decorative purposes. Allow the soil surface to dry before you water it again. It grows well in bright light.

  • Succulents

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These are very beautiful indoor plants with low maintenance. They need bright light and minimal watering. They cannot tolerate excess water supply as they are succulents and are well adapted to grow in low water availability.

  • Air Plant

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Air plants are a delight for the indoor space. They need indirect light and adequate water. Misting it to keep moist will do the trick.

However different plants have different requirements. The placement of the indoor plants is very crucial too. You can use ensure their maximal growth through pest control companies. This is especially beneficial if you also have a garden area that needs pest control.


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