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Why White Laminate Flooring Is A Rising Trend

Laminate flooring has been getting popular increasingly, and the reason is tasteful style and décor in an economic way. One rising trend these days is the use of white laminate flooring. If you are using white laminate flooring, you actually can cultivate a different look and style in your interior, which would be definitely different from the conventional flooring options.

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate is made when layers of synthetic material are fused together to form one hard tile, and on the top of it a wooden texture design or applique is pasted with a waterproof clear covering to add a sheen or glossy look. They have the look of wood, but the feel of tile imparts very tasteful, warm and pleasing look to your interiors at a reasonable price.

The white laminates for floor

White Laminate flooring
White Laminate flooring

White colour has its own appeal. White laminate floors have their own appeal for this reason. There are many makers of white laminate floor tiles, and they don’t make all white laminates. Totally milky white is not original, and hence the style is always a blend of white with other wooden or slate-like shades, to bring the look of wooden or slate tiles.

Such white laminates are often preferred for floors in hotels, hospitality industry, beach houses etc. You can start using them in your house too to bring a different feel and look. Here are some of the ways white laminate flooring can be creatively used:

  • To make space look bigger by implementing the white shade.
  • To make space look clean and tidy.
  • To bring a contrast to dark colour furniture or walls.
  • When you plan to use bright colour furnishing through the room then white serves as a nice background and you may make all the walls and floors white.
  • The look and style of slate or wooden tiles can be recreated using white laminate flooring.
  • Rooms with white laminates look much airy and fresh.

Why try white laminate flooring

There are some other reasons to try white laminate flooring and they are:

  • The cheap flooring option is easy in the pocket and yet brings style.
  • You can order different texture, style and patches of white, and the amount of white and other tints will vary thus giving you options for different looks.
  • You can create a floating floor using the white laminates which many people prefer.

Words of caution

The one thing which you have to keep in mind while installing white laminate flooring is the control of moisture. The laminate tiles may wear off easily with excess exposure to moisture or high humidity. And if you live in such conditions, then you cannot plan this. Moreover, you cannot install them in moisture-laden areas like bathrooms and kitchens. For living rooms, bedrooms etc. these works perfect and adds to the warmth and aesthetics of the space.

Where to get the best quality white laminate floor tiles

White Laminate flooring
White Laminate flooring

The best quality white laminate floor tiles can be found with the help of a few steps. You must do your own research, and find a reputed and reliable supplier and seller. You must also talk to the flooring contractor, and their expert would suggest you a few good sources to get the laminates. You can also read reviews online, to find what other people are doing in your area. These steps would give you the proper insight to get the best quality flooring. Buying the tiles would not suffice only, but you would need the right hands to install them to finish the project with perfection.


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