House design plans inspire you to do your own

Will be you thinking of planning the house of your dreams? Then you may already know that a home plan is essential to achieve an optimal result. In addition to illustrating what will be built, the architectural house design helps find the best solutions for specific spaces.

From good planning, it is possible to properly distribute the functions of the house and produce a functional home with attractive environments. All of us invite one to visit these house plans of one-story houses, designed by our professionals, which we are you need to will love.

Functional Integration

Devised for a young couple, this house plan is designed in an appropriate way for the daily life of the residents. An empty room has been become a walk-in closet to bring more comfort and organization. In addition to the rooms, the specialists also planned the decor at home in order to create more features.

Everything in its place

With proper planning, everything finds its place. This kind of house plan was structured in the most useful and intelligent way possible, focusing the social areas in a harmonious division, thus compensating for the corridors and other rooms which are hardly used. It also incorporates a sizable and nice balcony to enjoy the morning outdoors and the garden.

Open and linked to your garden

For the warmer locations, as is the circumstance in almost all of India, it is interesting to have good outdoor spaces. This kind of is also a good way to appreciate the natural ventilation and cold weather comfort of the home. In this case, the architects in charge of the task chose a good interconnection between your internal and exterior areas, which facilitates movements between them.

Separation of spaces

Here, the move between the social and intimate environment is quite clear. On a single side are the common areas: kitchen, dining room and living room. Quite simply, the floor determines the function of each area of the house. While we see, wood is observed in the private areas, because the material has a hotter appearance, while the tile is applied in social areas.

Great distribution

In this house, the house plan includes integrated environments and a smooth and straightforward movement between each room. Without question, the most attractive part is the large patio that acts as an extension of the living room.

With interior garden

Here we see another design in which an interior garden design allows the house to be lit to the maximum, increasing the opening it has towards large terrace with a pool. This is a project that is truly incredible, where a house on one floor has everything required to enjoy life to the fullest extent.


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