Top 5 Advantages to Install the Cantilever Gates for Home

Cantilever means the “hangs over” and the cantilever gates are mainly supported with rails. They can be fixed without any surface mounted tracks. These gates are extremely beneficial for driveways and high traffic areas. Cantilever gates will take minimum space for installation. This is a slide or swing gate operated with or without tracks. If you install these automatic gates without any tracks, then you can save the maintenance cost. You can find a counterbalance section with fence structure of the cantilever gates and these gates does not have any rollers on the ground. So, when you operate the gate, it would not create any frictions. Hence, you can easily choose this gate as your heavy-duty industrial gate.

automatic cantilever gate

Advantages of Cantilever Gates

Cantilever gates are the overhanging gates, which do not have any parts or rollers connected with the surface. There is no external bracing and these gates are made with the strongest stainless steel to prevent the gravity forces and wind. You need to install the gate with the diagonal bracing to prevent further sagging.

#1. Cantilever gates take less space for the installation and need support with one end only. Since, the gate can be operated with single fence, so you do not need to install any supported rollers and other attachments for smooth operation of the gate.

#2. These gates are ideal option for uneven surface such as concrete surface, grass, water and gravel, or pavements. You just need to install or fix the two sides of the gates on the concrete foundation. You can easily operate the gate on hanging mode. Apart from that, for other gates, you need to install separate channels on the ground. During winter and rainy seasons, these channels will become slippery. As a result, it can affect your cars due to these slippery channels. Now, you can install the cantilever gates to prevent this problem because these gates do not have any channels and fences on the ground. Your car can easily cross the gate without any obstacles.


#3. As you know that cantilever gates does not have any rollers or channels on ground. So, weather problems such as snow, debris, and rainwater would not have any adverse effect on the gate movement. You can easily install them in your driveway and commercial premises, or you can install the same at the main entrance of your home.

#4. These gates can provide you better longevity because the sturdy steel structures of these gates are rust resistant. Apart from that, as there is no wheel or rollers attached on the surface, you need to install the two fences of the gates only, by doing so you can easily complete your installation process within a few hours. They do not have any ground tracks, so you will avail the smooth operation of the gate. Hence, weather obstructions and ground frictions will not be able to create any operational problems.

#5. Apart from that, these gates can be used as security gates because these gates are available with automatic operational features. You can install the same and you can operate your gate with remote control system whenever the need be.

The cantilever gates are mainly structured with RHS steel. You can find galvanized powder coated materials on these gates. You can customize the gates according to your needs, in this regards, you can contact with the manufacturing company. It is suggested to search these gates online, as you can find numerous manufacturing companies, who offer these gates at an affordable price range. Compare their price, check their product quality, and then choose the best gates for your home, commercial building, or driveways.


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