Luxurious Condo Decoration on Budget

Luxury isn’t brand names and signature items. It stems from comfort, quality, and harmony in design. It’s the feeling of being at a peaceful and tranquil condo Pasig area rather than raucous streets of Manila.

Even if you are far from Ortigas, you can still have a luxurious feel in your condo while on a budget. Take note of these six tips to find out how.

1. Don’t be afraid of bare walls

Empty walls will give you an idea of what you need to add in the place. A white wall is silent, so it needs colors and loud prints to come alive. If you are clueless on where to start your decorating journey, do not shy away from the power of white. White paint will also help you decide on your color palette because it brings out the furnitures and the items in the room.

2. Splurge on furniture where you lay or sit

Among all the pieces of furniture in the space, the most expensive and well-thought of pieces should be the bed and the sofa. The couch is the first thing that visitors and guests will notice upon entering your home. You want them to relax and feel at home so you will usher them to sit. A comfortable yet stylish couch makes the experience worthwhile. Moreover, watching movies and spending time with loved ones over drinks or films is much better in a cozy setting.

Though the bed isn’t within the view of others, it is where you spend most of your life. You sleep on top of it for 8 hours each day to regain energy. Thus, it only fits to purchase the right mattress and a sturdy bed structure.

3. Build a color palette

Luxurious home interiors are consistent in their designs. Different rooms contain the same elements and colors to bring harmony and complement the overall design and theme. To achieve the effect, you need to identify which color or colors you want to appear throughout the home. Finding out your primary color or the dominant color lets you pick which contrasting and complementing hues will work well in your home. A palette composed of three colors are enough to make a comprehensive design.

4. Fill the area with lights

Elegant spaces are airy and full of light. They are breathable, unrestrictive and allows free movements. Allow natural light to settle in the area by opening the windows in during the day as well as installing curtains made of thin material. If sunlight is restricted by a blocking or structure, use lights. Install dimmable ambient lights so you can adjust the settings according to your mood and make use of different types of lamps to fill the area with light.

5. Make use of rugs

Carpets, rugs and floor mats are functional and decorative elements. Having one easily adds color and texture to the room. When using a carpet or a floor mat, it’s best to measure the room first to find out the largest size that can fit in the room. That way, you can determine how much floor area you want the piece to cover. Placing the right size in a room dramatically creates an illusion that makes the room wider and more spacious.

5. Invest in oversized wall hangings

A large artwork on the wall automatically shifts the attention from the TV to the piece. It also adds life to an otherwise bare wall that makes an instant conversation piece. Most of all, it transforms the living room into a gallery. To score artwork without breaking the bank, you can visit garage sales from movers or spring cleaners in the community. You can look for pieces online as there are lots of people who post their preloved items for sale.

Besides art pieces such as paintings and sculptures, you can enhance the aesthetic of the space through other kinds of wall hangings such as mirrors, wall macramé, and framed family photos. Make sure you to get the right size for the other wall hangings as they can become a distraction rather than enhance the design of the area.

6. Avoid impulse buying

Purchasing a chair, vase, sculpture or tapestry out of the blue without regards to the design of your home is tacky and irresponsible. First, you will waste money on a something that probably won’t have a place in your home. You might have the item because it was on sale, but it will cost you more when you decide that plaid doesn’t fit your marble coffee table and rose gold living room theme. If you want to add an item to your home, make a mental note beforehand of what you own and the design you want to achieve.

Remember, luxury takes its power from feeling. If you feel unsatisfied with the things you are putting in your home, then choose the items that will make you feel the warmth and welcome of your home.


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