5 On-Trend Home Rental Kitchens to Inspire You

Whether you want to freshen up your kitchen or you plan to do a total re-design, it’s important to make sure you stay on trend. AllTheRooms has selected 5 beautiful kitchens in home rentals throughout the world to help inspire you. From a chic, red-brick-walled kitchen in an NYC apartment, through to a Balinese bamboo kitchen, here are the top picks:

1. Cube House Kitchen, Rotterdam

The Kitchen of the Rotterdam Cube House

Do you have a small kitchen? Are you feeling squeezed? The Cube House in Rotterdam will show you anything is possible with the space you have. The apartment is set within one of Rotterdam’s most iconic modern buildings, which has been made from several cubes, slotted together at different angles. It showcases modern, abstract design at its best. The kitchen is located in a small corner of the apartment and sits within slanted walls. The kitchen features simple white walls and a black marble surface — it’s a fresh design in a small space.

2. Brick Wall Kitchen, New York

Red brick wall kitchen in an NYC apartment

If you’re using Pinterest or Instagram for kitchen design inspiration, you’ll already know that rough brick walls are one of the hottest trends at the moment. The kitchen in this stunning loft apartment in New York has classic rough red brick walls. It’s been paired with low hanging, industrial-style lights and gray surface tops. The loft, which is an Airbnb rental, even comes complete with your very own chef! Kick back and enjoy the kitchen while a chef whips up something delicious.

3. Bamboo Kitchen, Bali

Bamboo Kitchen in a Balinese home rental

Bamboo paired with indoor plants is a top trend at the moment — and this five-floored bamboo palace will provide you with tons of inspiration. The home rental features an exotic, Asian-themed design and the kitchen is made almost entirely from bamboo. The kitchen features a large open plan kitchen diner, with a rounded table that has a tiki bar-like feel to it. Why not take some inspiration from the bamboo palace and design your very own exotic kitchen, with fresh white painted walls, bamboo finishes and tons of green plants?

4. Rustic Kitchen, Porto

A rustic kitchen in a Portuguese home rental

Rustic kitchens will always be in fashion and this homely kitchen in Portugal’s Douro Valley region offers up tons of inspiration. The kitchen features terracotta tile floors, brick walls, and deep-pine wood table and unit tops. It’s an incredibly homely kitchen and looks like the perfect place to rustle up a delicious meal. Why not consider creating your own rustic kitchen, with terracotta tiled floors, cream walls and an oak wood table?

5. Light and Dark Kitchen, New York

A chic black and white kitchen in a New York home rental

A top kitchen trend of 2017 is contrasting light and dark colors. This chic New York apartment offers up the perfect example of how to pull off the trend. Apartment Romeu, which is located in Tribeca, has dark wood flooring and dark wood cabinets that are paired with white surface tops and a stainless steel finishing. The centerpiece of the kitchen is the chic breakfast bar, which is perfect for Sunday brunch, or evening gatherings.


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