6 Tips on How to Have a Good Interior Design in Your Condo

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Modern Condo Interior Design

Modern condos are turned over in their bare condition unless it was sold as fully-furnished. With this, you as the owner can decide what kind of design to put into it; one that suits your taste, lifestyle and preference. The Internet has numerous suggestions on how to style your unit. However, you always need to remember to make it livable.

The two most common decor schemes are personalized and sophisticated. For those who favor the latter, the owners always want something elegant. So they look for a concept and style as well as the combinations of elements or the principles that make their condos look more attractive.

But whatever design you choose, you must think of all the things you want to or will inevitably happen inside your condo unit. Let this guide your decision to choose the right designs. Here are the six tips that will surely make your condo in Metro Manila a much better to place to live.


Many people have different tastes when it comes to colors. When choosing colors, make sure the colors complement one another to make the combination pleasing to the eyes. Try to mix the colors red, gray and white; gray, turquoise and black; gray, yellow and white; pale green and bubblegum pink; etc. Check other palettes too. The bottom-line is to choose a color or combination that makes your personality stand out.

Further along, if possible, choose eco-friendly paints. These are safe for your family and, of course, Mother Earth. Other than this, your choices of furniture pieces must depend on the colors of the walls, ceiling and flooring. It’s either they complement or contrast, but still must look well put together.


Speaking of furniture, you need to plan where to put the pieces of furniture first. It would be best to obtain the layout and measurements of the condo before you buy any furniture. Your goal is to put them in a place where they won’t consume too much space. Consider hanging cabinets where you can put the smaller details such as flower vase, figurines, books, plates, etc. as well as multi-functional pieces of furniture.

Think of the space or the lack of it once all the furniture items are already inside the unit. There must be enough space to move around so it will not look overcrowded. Have a sketch plan before you arrange your furniture and other objects in your condo. You can try to alter the layout on the sketch plan until you find a design you’re comfortable with.


Choices of lighting will have an impact on the overall ambiance inside the condo. The right lighting fixtures are important. Four of the most common types are rail light, scones, chandeliers and pin lights. Rail lights come as a row of lights attached to a single bar or track. Scones are lighting fixtures that provide minimal light and meant to add drama to a place. Chandeliers involve more than one bulb, and they also offer a lot more light and are elaborate in design. Pin lights are used as accessory lightning than anything else, and they work well in the bedrooms and hallways.


Most of the times, choosing an overall design theme works. Your two choices are modern or minimalist. In the first, the design employs a sense of simplicity in every element. It can be more fluid and can represent a sense of currency with less adherence to one particular style or design. The second concept takes notions or the desires of modern design, and it simplifies them further. It is defined by the sense of functionality and also ultra-clean lines in your condo.Of course, you can always choose a modern minimalist theme.

Again, always think of the purpose of one particular area before you plan its design. Don’t forget to choose a design that will reflect your own personality; something that you are comfortable with. After all, it’s your condo and you are going to live on it for many years to come.


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