LED Lighting Ideas For Your Home Interiors

Enhancing your home interiors does not have to entail a major expense. In fact, a few adjustments in your lighting fixtures may be all that you need to create some drama or add warmth to any room. Conversely, you can also make any home space appear cooler than it is through the subtle use of lighting.

In choosing what type of lighting fixtures to use, LED lights are a cost effective option since, although initially pricier, they have a superior lifetime value which translates to lower utility bills for you. And if you are into off-the-grid living or utilize solar power as an energy source, LED lighting fixtures are also a practical choice.

LED Lighting Ideas
LED Lighting Ideas

So how do you apply LED lighting to illuminate each corner of your home to get the desired effect? To answer this, we’ll be going from room to room.


For the bedroom, you would want to create a restful, warm and peaceful ambiance. Since the bedroom doesn’t require heavy lighting, LED lighting fixtures which emit a soft glow or warm light are recommended, such as accent lighting for special framed photos or art pieces. If you are wanting to read before bedtime, your reading light or lamp should be in a neutral tone.

bedroom LED Lighting
bedroom LED Lighting

Avoid lights that have a high color temperature and brightness levels since they can affect your circadian rhythm and make it harder for you to fall asleep.


bathroom LED Lighting
bathroom LED Lighting

Since the bathroom is a space for cleaning and hygiene, the lighting color temperature should ideally range from warm to bright daylight. It normally requires more lights (specifically, additional lighting on top or on both sides of the mirror). In addition, a potlight of IP65 rating (waterproof) is recommended above shower areas.

Living Room

Being one of the most frequented sections of your home where guests are seated, or where you and your family stay to relax, lounge around, watch TV or play board games, the living room requires illumination from different lighting sources. A great choice would be installing a dimmable lighting fixture which allows you to control the brightness of the area. Just steer clear of bright light emitting fixtures since they can interfere with your ability to relax in the living room.

Living Room LED Lighting
Living Room LED Lighting

To highlight specific focal points or objects in your living room such as a special vase or family photos on the wall, you can use adjustable LED spotlights for their illumination. These will also help reduce glare on your television, and prevent strong shadows from forming.

Dining Room

A place where everyone can sit back while enjoying a meal and some conversation, the dining room area can also benefit from a dimmable lighting fixture. This way, you can have clear, bright light when preparing the dinner table, and you can also reduce the brightness when everyone is called to the table. For aesthetic purposes, you may want to get an LED chandelier fixture installed right above center of the dining table. For small to medium sized dining tables, hanging or pendant-style lighting fixtures will provide ambient light emitted from a decorative source. Soft neutral lighting tones work best in the dining area.


Ensure there is bright light available for the kitchen counter, with the rest of the kitchen lit using wide angle lights. A well-illuminated kitchen area is necessary to keep this spot in your home functional, perfectly clean and spotless.

Kitchen LED Lighting
Kitchen LED Lighting

More lighting should be supplied in the platform and sink sections while under cabinet lighting fixtures may also be added for when the rest of the kitchen lights are turned off. A dimmable overhead light source should also be installed to balance out the generally bright lighting in the kitchen, and can be used when there are no food preparations being done so that less lighting will do.

Aside from lighting up the interior of your home using these ideas, LED lighting fixtures can also help keep your home exterior safe and beautiful with the installation of wall lights, flood lights, and post lights.


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