4 Home Improvement Ideas That Will Help Brighten Up Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is more than just the place you go to in order to snooze after a long and productive day. It is a haven of relaxation that should bring you joy and peace whenever you need some respite from the world. As such, this special room should be designed as a welcoming sanctuary that instantly uplifts your mood, and if your bedroom currently resembles a rather dark and foreboding space to hide your head in at night, then it’s probably due for a serious update.

bedroom design
bedroom design

Here are some helpful tips that you could use to brighten up your bedroom and turn it into the enlightening sanctuary that you deserve.

  1. Let There be Light

A lot of people struggle to get natural light in the bedroom due to badly positioned windows or lack thereof, which often leads to there being shadowy areas within the space, and this obviously doesn’t inspire a sense of rest and renewal at all. On the contrary, a lack of light in the bedroom can amplify your stress and make it difficult for you to get into a relaxing state.

bedroom ideas
bedroom ideas

Luckily, you can enhance the light in your bedroom by adding more light fixtures, such as floor or wall lamps to complement your bedside lamps, and a nice ceiling fan which serves the dual purpose of illuminating the room while brightening things up. Basically, three or more sources of light are better than one when it comes to bedroom lighting, and extra light fixtures can do wonders to add more interest and vivre to your bedroom.

  1. Install Some Houseplants

Houseplants are a symbol of life that brings vibrancy and pizazz to any space, which in turn lightens the mood instantly. They also purify the air naturally, allowing you to breathe fresher air as you replenish your energies for the next day. However, most people are reluctant to incorporate houseplants into their bedroom decor for fear of the maintenance that they require, and this is understandable because the last thing you want to think about when you enter the bedroom is whether the plants have been watered that day.

bedroom interior
bedroom interior

The good news is that there are plenty of low-maintenance house plants that can bring vibrant colour and energy to your bedroom with very little upkeep required. Examples of such plants include snake plant, which can literally grow anywhere; Chinese evergreen, English Ivy, Spider Plant and Pathos. All of these plants are extremely resilient, long lasting and easy to maintain. Plus, they look stunningly beautiful and complement any décor scheme that you can think of.

  1. Select the Right Colors

It can be quite a struggle to pick the right color to paint your bedroom walls. On the one end, painting your walls in bright colors like yellow or white will look out of place when paired with dark bedding and accessories, and that’s mainly because bright walls reflect light from other sources, and will look weird when paired with dark colors because they have nothing to work with. On the other hand, dark walls paired with dark furniture and bedding gives the room a very gloomy and creepy appearance.

Luxury bedroom
Luxury bedroom

A good compromise between these two options would be to choose deep-toned color paint, as it not only eliminates dark shadows, but also adds a certain glow to the space by optimally reflecting color. Examples would be colors like deep blue, grey, greens and purples. If you prefer a lighter, mid-toned color, then opt for pastel yellows and blues, as well as fawn, light gray and salmon, which is also good for expanding the space in a small room.

  1. Mirrors and Covers

A large bedroom mirror serves multiple purposes, like helping you to check your appearance before leaving the house, to reflecting light from your windows and surfaces, and just adding an additional glow and sparkle to the room. The best spot to place your oversized bedroom mirror is probably just across from your window, so that it’s able to perfectly reflect and enhance the natural light coming into your room. Sheer window coverings are also recommended for enhancing the natural light in your bedroom, as heavy curtains and blinds will only serve to block out the light and might even cause your room to feel heavy, leaving you in a melancholy mood.

At the end of the day, no one wants to come home to a dark and dreary bedroom, so liven things up and make your bedroom a more comfortable and soothing space that instantly inspires rest and rejuvenation, with interesting lighting and accessories from


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