Kitchen Layouts For Every Space

Just as everyone has a vision of their dream home, the Iron Chef wannabe inside each one of us has a clear image of their dream kitchen, possibly dedicating the biggest common area space to this center of culinary magic.

Alas! Not everyone has the luxury of space, and the budget to afford expensive designer kitchens. So here we explore some of the more popular kitchen layouts, taking into consideration how much space is available and how many kitchen appliances and accessories you can actually fit in.

Kitchen Layouts
Kitchen Layouts

This means all three major work centers in a typical kitchen are considered: the storage center (refrigerator, freezer, cabinets), the preparation and clean-up area (sink and countertop), and the cooking center (oven, stove).

It doesn’t matter whether you live in a studio or are planning your first home buy. This little guide is designed to help you bring your dream kitchen one step closer to reality.

1. One-wall kitchen layout

One-wall kitchen layout
One-wall kitchen layout

Probably the most versatile of kitchen layouts as it fits in small or bigger spaces, the one-wall kitchen utilizes one side of any area for everything. The refrigerator, stove, sink, kitchen cabinetry and all other appliances are stuck on one side of the kitchen. This kitchen layout usually employed in studios and one-bedrooms since it ensures unimpeded traffic flow, and is simple, compact and economical.

2. Galley-style kitchen layout

Commonly applied in limited spaces with rectangular space such as condominium units, apartments and townhouses, the galley-style kitchen is characterized by two walls or sections facing each other housing all of the service areas. The third side is usually the entry point into the kitchen, while the fourth side is just a wall.

Galley-style kitchen layout
Galley-style kitchen layout

This walk-through kitchen is highly functional and easy to navigate if there is only one cook switching among the service areas, but can also be crowded if there are two people using the facility at the same time.

3. L-shaped kitchen layout

Suitable for small to medium-sized space, and easily the most popular of all kitchen layouts, the L-shaped kitchen has the service areas right next to each other and also includes maximized cabinet space. In this type of kitchen, there is sufficient legroom or freedom of movement especially if there is more than one cook using the facility.

L-shaped kitchen
L-shaped kitchen

It is also versatile enough to add additional kitchen elements such as a kitchen island or a dining table depending on how much space is still available.

4. Horseshoe kitchen layout

Sometimes considered the most efficient of its kind, the horseshoe or U-shaped kitchen layout logically locates the work spaces one after the other and provides sufficient room for free movement.

Horseshoe kitchen
Horseshoe kitchen

This type of layout requires more space, and there are newer versions which combine an L-shaped feature with the kitchen island comprising the third side. This innovation is sometimes referred to as a “peninsula kitchen.”

5. Kitchen island

Considered more of an addition than a fixture in kitchen design, a kitchen island can only be accommodated if there is sufficient floor space. It can function as an additional section for food preparation such as those that come with a sink, an extension of the cooking area if it comes with an oven, and can also include additional storage. Some islands also function as snack bars with stools. The island also serves as a hub for family and friends to gather around.

There are many other kitchen layouts you may want to familiarize yourself with, and your kitchen can be as simple and basic, or as fancy and modern as you want. It is all up to you; all you need to do is consider how much space is available, and what appliances and materials you want for your own personal cooking corner.

Need a helping hand? There are a number of kitchen design experts out there who are ready to assist you with your requirements. They can help you out with budgeting, design, material and appliance selection, and can even provide you the manpower needed to make your dream kitchen come true.


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