Most Prominent Features Present in The New Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are the storage spaces where people keep all the utensils, food ingredients and other items that are required in a kitchen for cooking purpose. It is necessary to maintain these cabinets regularly so that they appear to be in good condition and users can handle these structures conveniently and keep the item away from pests. However, in old kitchens, it is essential to renovate the worn-out cabinets or simply replace them with entirely new kitchen cabinets. These cabinets of latest style can have many latest features that will make kitchen storage simpler and provide more ample space for keeping all the kitchen items with safety.

Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets

Useful Features Added to The New Kitchen Cabinets

  • Automatic Closing Doors – The cabinets and drawers come equipped with the door panels that can be easily closed just by giving a slight push. These doors close automatically due to the special European hinges with springs, which pull the door panels when they are still a few inches away.
  • Sliding Drawers – Some cabinet spaces are filled with multiple drawers that slide horizontally in and out during closing and opening respectively. These new drawers are ergonomically created for holding different types of kitchen items in an organized manner. Usually, the topmost drawers have a lesser width and used for storing smaller kitchens items, while the lower drawers are suitable for keeping large cans and pots.
  • Knobs and Handles – The appearance of the new kitchen cabinets can be improved a lot, by the installation of shiny knobs and handles of latest designs. These handy structures can be made of various materials such as wood, fibres, metals and ceramic, depending on the taste and budget of the homeowner. These knobs and handles of cabinets are made with ergonomic designs that more handy for easy operations.
  • Lazy Susan Turntables – The large sized cabinets are provided with round plates that can be easily rotated whenever required. In this way, it will be easier to check all the stored items kept on the back side of the cabinets, especially the large pots containing food grains.
  •  Closed Trash Bins – The piles of kitchen wastes are better to be dumped in the large sliding trash bins of coloured fibres that are placed inside closed cabinets. Usually, at least two trash bins are kept inside so that dry and wet wastes can be dumped separately.
  • Thin Vertical Dividers – Many long kitchen tools, such as roller pins, cutting plates, and cookie sheets are easily stored separately inside the relatively taller kitchen cabinets, with the help of slim vertical dividers. So, the stored items have no chance of clashing with each other and kept safely.
  • Spice Racks – Different kinds of spices and dry herbs are usually stored in small labelled containers, which are arranged in multiple racks inside the specially designed new kitchen cabinets. These racks can be easily pulled to take out the required spices which are placed in the upper ranks among all the cabinets.
  • Corner Drawers – These L-shaped drawers at the corners of the rows of kitchen cabinets have large storage spaces and unique design. The depth of these drawers allows to store items safely which are not regularly needed.
  • Adequate Lighting – There should be sufficient light to see all the stored items in the kitchen cabinets without stressing eyes. Thus, it is necessary to keep lighting arrangement immediately above and front of the cabinets. Apart from the suspended light from the ceiling, now small LED bulbs are introduced inside the cabinets for providing a clearer view of the objects and need not turn them on, they automatically turn on when the door is opened.

When all the stored items are available in more convenient and organized manner, the cooking is a more joyful experience for the residents and save time occupied in searching essential things.



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