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How to be more productive in your office

Spending time in an office from 9 to 5 doesn’t always come easy. Long working hours and stressful projects can often make you want to leave home as soon as possible. If you own a company or you work at one, you should make your office feel as comforting and cozy as you can.

In case you are planning to relocate your office or company, office movers New Jersey can make sure you get the job done properly. After you moved your office to New Jersey, these office decoration tips can come in handy.

Comfortable office space
Make sure you decorate your office so it feels comfortable and makes you stay productive.

Moving your office requires lots of preparations. NJ movers can help you a lot with a few pieces of advice on how to prepare your items for the move and how to decorate the office. After the relocation, your new working space should inspire both you and your colleagues.

Prepare for your office decoration

Before you decide on the style of your office decoration after moving it to New Jersey, make sure to rearrange the furniture pieces. If you want to maximize the space in your office, the right furniture layout is important. For those who are lucky to have daylight in their office, placing desk tables against the window is a great idea.

This way you won’t strain your eye while working, and sun rays will enhance your productivity. On the other hand, if you have a spacious office, you can put your desk few steps from the window, preferably in the center of your office space.

Pick the right furniture

While thinking about your office decoration, make sure you have a furniture that is most useful for your job. If you are doing a lot of paperwork on daily basis your desk should have many drawers. This way you can organize your files and make more room for decorative objects.

If your office space in New Jersey is not too big, try to choose furniture that is comfortable and doesn’t take much space. This applies especially to the cubical in the sharing office. A narrow desk that has more height than width will save you a lot of space.

Choose the right office furniture
Make sure you have a furniture that is most useful for the job you do.

Choose a decoration theme

Deciding on the color theme is the most interesting part of your office decoration. Even though most of us have our favorite colors, not all of them are suitable for office spaces. Depending on what your company is trying to achieve, the colors of your office can say a lot about you. For example, if you work in a law firm, you should minimize the distractions and choose one or two colors.

If, on the other hand, you work at a beauty salon, choosing pastel colors can have a soothing effect on your clients. Picking the right colors for decorating your office space is half of the job. If your working space has too many colors, it might look distracting. On the other hand, the one-color decoration will look boring and not be inspiring at all.

Take advantage of the shelves

Almost every office has shelves, more or less. Depending on the job you do, shelves can be used for much more than just organizing files and placing office supplies. If you have some extra shelves above your desk, make sure to use them for decorative items. In case you’re out of ideas, here are some suggestions for items you can put on shelves:

  • Framed pictures of your friends, family, favorite places to visit and vacation memories. Not only will these pictures bring you joy, but will also inspire you to be more productive.
  • A calendar or an organizer that you can make yourself. There are tons of ideas and online tutorials about making your own organizers for the office space. The best part is – you can customize them for the space you already have.
  • Plants and memorabilia – will make you feel like home. Many people think their office is not the place for placing plants. That could not be further away from the truth. Offices these days resemble artificial environment that’s not comfortable to sit in for the entire day. Natural or artificial plants can make it feel more like home.
  • Don’t forget the art pieces! If you love art, why not display it in your office? Smaller picture frames can be used as decoration, and artwork in them can look amazing. If you are not a fan of artistic pieces, you can choose a wallpaper and decorate wall parts between the shelves.

Use office supplies as decorative details

Office supplies are usually items that everyone uses on daily basis and they get lost a lot. Try organizing them into piles and putting them into decorative jars. Not only will you stop losing paper clips, but you will also have a nice detail in your office.

One more thing you can do is make a color theme for your office supplies. For example, scissors, paper clips and pens can all be in red color. This way you’ll keep track of where everything is and your office supplies can look decorative.

NJ office decoration - use decorative details
Try making a color theme for your office supplies.

Organize files, papers, and boxes

Files and paperwork take most space in every office. Why not make them a part of the office decoration? If you have many piles of paperwork sitting on your desk, it’s time to make a change. By using decorative boxes, you can organize all the files and make more room at your desk. Keep in mind that these boxes will still take a lot of space and be very visible. Choosing a contrasting color can make them a decorative piece in your office.

Take care of the lighting

If you don’t have natural light in your office, you should make sure you have proper lighting. Many offices have central lights across the ceiling. If you have the luxury of decorating on your own, one or two unique lamps can make a difference.

Make sure your office looks inspiring and helps your productivity. Good lighting and the right colors that make you happy will also look appealing to your client. As soon as you feel comfortable and cozy in your working space, your productivity will increase and your company work will thrive.


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