20 Fancy Quartz Kitchen Countertop Colors

Dealing with kitchen countertops, there bunch of options you can choose to be applied inside your kitchen. You can consider the countertops based on the material, design, and colors. There is two material of countertops that are mostly used by the homeowners.

Quartz and Granite are the best one when dealing with countertops. Whether you choose granite or quartz, you need to consider the budget you have and what style you want to bring inside your kitchen.

According to the experts, Granite is more natural than the quartz. It’s one hundred percent natural, but Quartz has 7 percent of color pigments and polymer resins mix. When it comes to the price, quartz is slightly more expensive than granite.

Then reason that quartz is more expensive because of the mixed materials. Quartz countertop has so many choices of models and colors. That is why this countertop design is more popular than the others.

In this page, we’re gonna focus on the colors of quartz kitchen countertop. I believe, after exploring all of the ideas on this page, you will have no confusion anymore when deciding the best color for your quartz countertop.

  1. Classic White

There’s nothing better than getting started with the most basic color of them all. Classic white needs to be something you consider first to apply in your kitchen. Going simple is the easiest way to choose a countertop.

Classic White Countertops
Classic White Countertops

You can just blend it with other dark colors, there you have it, a stunning and elegant kitchen. As you can see this simple and clean kitchen that will comfort you everytime you are around the kitchen. The dark brown color of cabinets and black floorings look flawless.

The white focal point which is placed in the middle of the kitchen. It’s the safest option for your to installed your own kitchen design. Too much black will kill the comfort. Make sure they have enough power to handle.

  1. Midnight Black

It’s one of the most popular colors of quartz kitchen countertop. It gets trending because of its versatility. The shine of the surface makes the black color looks way better. There’s no reason to be afraid applying dark colors for the countertop.

Midnight black Countertop
Midnight black Countertop

Choosing this midnight black color combined with white cabinet makes the kitchen chicer and more unique than ever. It provides a lively contrast to a lighter kitchen atmosphere. In the picture, we can see a small kitchen doesn’t feel uncomfortable with the combination.

Actually, if you know how to design it right, the dark midnight black can be a great choice for your kitchen. The rest of the colors need to be in a lighter or brighter shades in order to balance the dark accent from the quartz countertop.

  1. Soft Grey

This nearly white color is a great choice instead of plain white. If you don’t want to get boring with the bright white colors for every room you have in a house. You might want to get a little bit variation for your kitchen.

Soft grey Countertop
Soft grey Countertop

For example, this soft grey quartz kitchen countertop can be a great choice to get more delicate, subtle style to your kitchen. The combination of soft grey countertop and white cabinet set a brighter kitchen atmosphere.

The neutral combination will be easily blended with any color tones and styles. The soft color combination in this kitchen brings a serene foundation to your kitchen activity. The beautiful contrast in this room will be very lovely and comfortable.

  1. Hot Pink

From the soft and safe color choice, we continue to something braver. If you want to challenge yourself by applying colors out of the neutral family, you can go with hot pink. Hot pink color can be a viable option for your countertop.

Pink countertops
Pink countertops

If you brave enough to update your kitchen, you can apply this idea. Combining the hot pink quartz countertop with wooden island may look weird for some people. Well, when you play good with the decoration and another accentuating element, you will own this fascinating kitchen looks.

Pink is a romantic color, but when you combine it with a wooden element, the romantic vibes are not here anymore. The pink color of countertop doesn’t make your kitchen romantic. It’s just hot.

  1. Mint Green

This is one of the unique designs of countertop you can choose to apply in your open kitchen. The room in the pictures looks large. It’s a combination of living room and kitchen. Dealing with that kind of room, you should apply a soothing and comfortable shades.

Mint green countertops
Mint green countertops

Mint green color for quartz countertops will be a nice choice for the kitchen. The lovely soft tone and unique design express a calming atmosphere to the whole kitchen. You can have this quartz countertop in your modern or traditional kitchen.

  1. Traditional Cream

Speaking of traditional, this creamy quartz kitchen countertop will be ready for your traditional kitchen. The dark and white, wooden cabinetry in this kitchen looks ready to accept that creamy shades.

Traditional Cream countertops
Traditional Cream countertops

Some chairs with rich tones would make a good support for the traditional feel. As you can see, the cranberry chair color blends well together with the dark wood eat-in.

What traditional creamy countertop offers you

– This soothing coastal tone is friendly to any element of the kitchen

– It’s a good choice to get you away from using white color.

  1. Softly Flecked or Grainy White

This one has a snowy, sparkling look. It works wall in a lot of situations because of its neutral color. The contemporary and fresh appearance will calm the whole thing around. Combining it with other pale tones might be express the cleanness and lightness to the room.

Grainy White Countertop
Grainy White Countertop

This white shade is a great choice for traditional kitchens. Instead of a true minimalist white shade, you can choose to have this grainy white which won’t be too severe and harm the elegance of other elements.

This kitchen has some contemporary light pendants which have brass accents that go really well with the countertop. All of the elements in this kitchen doesn’t feel like in a competition of attention. All of them are doing their job great without interrupting any other elements.

  1. Dramatic Mix

This kitchen countertop quartz has a bolder veined stone which will expose all the drama from the countertop. Dealing with a dramatic mix for your countertop in the kitchen, you need to get the rest of the element in that kitchen to be less dramatic.

Dramatic Mix Countertop
Dramatic Mix Countertop

Don’t go over with drama to all of the elements, you have to keep the room’s atmosphere to be a balance. The dramatic mix with veined stone on the counter would bring enough character you need for your kitchen.

The dramatic mix might get you pretty dizzy with its appearance. You can choose another mix that has more soft color and simple pattern to comfort your eye. For this kind of dramatic mix, you may need to apply it in the antique house which looks fancy.

  1. Deep Mix

From dramatic, we go deeper with this deep, mixed quartz kitchen countertop. When you dealing with this countertop design in the kitchen, you might feel that the surface of your kitchen island looks like there’s too much stuff’s happening on it.

Deep Mix Countertop
Deep Mix Countertop

Well, if you can look at it as an artistic touch to the kitchen, then you will feel that it compliments a clearer space because of its purpose as the focal point in the kitchen. This mix is designed for masculine styles of kitchen.

  1. Black and White

What happens when you mix the two most used colors on your quartz countertop? Well, just check out the picture above. This combination will always be in your house forever because it’s timeless. The unpolished quartz in this kitchen would be perfect for your rustic kitchen.

Black and White Countertop
Black and White Countertop

It also offers a stunning focal point for your small kitchen. Just combine it with neutral shade as the main colors of the room, then you can play with another color as the accents.

Black and white combination works well with:

–  Other Neutral color combination

–  Darker colors

–  Soft shades of the color palette.

  1. Traditional Taupe

Using taupe color for the kitchen countertop is really suitable for more traditional style lovers. It can go well with white and black accents. If you are a fan of the warmer shade of neutral colors, this quartz countertop design is a perfect choice.

Traditional Taupe Countertop
Traditional Taupe Countertop

It features a sprinkling detail of dark color that makes this countertop design more interesting. The attractive contrast will really catch the attention of everyone. In Refined Renovations, you can find more detail about this quartz countertops.

  1. Haze MIx

Another choice of mixed color, this beautiful mix of hazy grey and some other versatile neutral colors create a beautiful look. It’s a mix of contemporary tone and femininity. This kind of mix on the countertop offers a softer, more delicate appearance to the whole kitchen atmosphere.

Haze Mix Countertop
Haze Mix Countertop

There are dominating white color, grey color for the lower part, some element of woods, and some stainless steel element. All of them are well connected each other. It feels like they are all in the right place.

The concept of haze mix is to blend beauty with femininity. The results, you can a gorgeous modern design of a kitchen. A Haze mix is recommended by many home designers when you want to have a patterned surface of the kitchen.

  1. Swirled Design

One of the unique choices of quartz countertop is a swirled design. This quartz kitchen countertop design will add some artistic elements to your kitchen. It consists of various neutral tones that are well blended with other colors and any genres of design.

Swirled design countertop
Swirled design countertop

You can use this swirled design as a whole kitchen countertop. You can also use it only in the middle of the kitchen as the focal point of all. As you can see in the photo, the swirled design’s got emphasized right in the center of the kitchen.

At a glance, the design of swirl on the island looks like a waterfall if you choose a white shade and black accent. The artistic look will be easily achieved by using this pattern for the quartz kitchen countertop.

  1. Cherry Red

As a whole, this crisp, modern kitchen looks stunning with the combination of white cabinetry and cherry red countertop. The red color looks sharp and energetic. The eclectic vibes are perfect for this kitchen.

Cherry Red Countertop
Cherry Red Countertop

You might be pretty brave having bold color as the kitchen countertop. It would suddenly become the focal point of the whole room. When that happens, you need to balance it with some more decorative items to balance the ambiance.

It’s pretty uncommon to have a countertop using this kind of funky color. It gives a good charm and character that will be appreciated by everyone. The darker shades on the floorings tried to balance the color shades of red and white. It did a great job, though.

  1. Deep Purple

If cherry red is too brave for you, you can have a softer and darker mix for the countertop like this customer purple. The key to having a perfect quartz countertop design is the spot. If you have the right spot, you can customize the colors for the quartz countertop freely.

Deep Purple countertop
Deep Purple countertop

This custom purple countertop is designed by Custom Stone Interiors. For some people, this can be a gloomy option for a kitchen. It’s actually a combination of mystery and femininity. The stunning deep purple tone is ready to add drama to your kitchen.

The dramatic lighting will add more character to this kitchen with the purple countertop. Purple is a color that occurred between blue and red. I guess the perfect color for the decors is red and blue. Psychologically, this color encourages creativity. So, it’s perfect for the busy kitchen.

  1. White Marbled

The safest place to go back is to choose the chicest choice for the quartz countertop. A white marbled design is the chicest choice for your clean kitchen. The surface has been both refined and versatile.

White Marbled Countertop
White Marbled Countertop

Any style you have for your kitchen, this kind of countertop will give some luxurious charm that will be appreciated by everyone. This Cambriausa cottage-flavored kitchen will look elegant and beautiful.

The combination of a grey island with that clean white surface looks so contrast. It’s still acceptable for a perfect combination style. The lighting pendant looks like the lighting you can find at some stage shows.

17.Camel Tone

If you are looking for something that is a little bit more monochromatic, you can go with this camel tone. This one is really good for minimalist kitchen design. You can also apply this countertop inside a traditional-style kitchen.

Camel Tone Countertop
Camel Tone Countertop

The design of the backsplash is something that really catches attention. The tile design really wants to put the kitchen over. The color combination of the backsplash tile and the countertop look blend together.

For those of you who don’t understand what camel tone is, it’s the color that resembles the hair color of a camel. You can also call the color as camel-hair, or polo coat. So, it’s in the family of brown shades.

  1. Dark Grey

If you decide to get a little bit darker in your kitchen, you can choose this to apply this dark grey countertop. Combining it with beige cabinetry, some calming ambiance will comfort anyone who goes inside.

Dark Grey Countertop
Dark Grey Countertop

Choosing dark colors as a countertop can be uncomfortable for some people. Providing enough lighting is very important for this kind of kitchen design. You can rely on the two windows during the day, but not at night. The lighting for the interior is so crucial.

  1. Midcentury White

Kitchen in midcentury style can be really gorgeous just by applying that beautiful white quartz kitchen countertops. Although this kind of style tends to be placed outdoor, when it goes inside the house as your room interior, you will be amazed at the result.

Midcentury White Countertop
Midcentury White Countertop

The use of relaxed, hazy blues will be perfect for the midcentury interior design. The built-in stove becomes a great focal point for the surface of the countertop. Decorating it with orange colors from the orange fruits glam the surface’s look.

  1. Soft Beige
Soft Beige Countertop
Soft Beige Countertop

The bricked, white wall looks perfect inside this kitchen. The unique lighting pendant can be seen hanging from the ceiling with a shape of used flower vases. The black or dark cabinetry is the right supporters of this soft, beige quartz kitchen.


The color is nearly white which is a good news for the designers.

That big window feels soothing to get the natural light inside


It’s only looking perfect in a black and white combination.


The other reasons people like quartz kitchen countertop more than the others is the maintenance. When you choose granite, you will need to seal it upon installation. Then, it must be sealed on regular basis too.

On the other hand, The quartz kitchen countertop doesn’t need to be sealed continuously. The maintenance-free concept is what people like the most because it won’t waste your time doing the maintenance.

Well, there are still more positive reasons you will get from quartz countertop. You can deal with those 20 recommended colors for your countertop design.

Octavianus Tri Harjanto is an entrepreneur, publisher and editor who is passionate about wonderful home design ideas. He’s written extensively to help people gather ideas in creating & maintaining marvelous homes. He will support you with inspiring visuals of cool homes, artistic garden, architectural marvels and up to date design trends. Find him here: Militantvibes


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