Interior Decorating: Design Elements Every Home Should Have

“Doctors save lives by constructing a healthy life. Designers save lives by constructing a life worth living.” –Mark W. Perrett

Interior design is an important aspect in personalization and is integral in giving space character—whether you live in a condo in taguig or elsewhere.

interior design
interior design

A home that lacks design is not only considered lacking in visual aesthetics and interest, but it is dull, lifeless and incredibly generic. Succinctly put, it fails to tell a story about the inhabitants that live there. Unfortunately, while designing the interiors of our homes might be a worthy endeavor, it is not exactly a simple and straightforward task. Considering this, we employ the talent of a skilled professional interior designer. However, if your budget cannot accommodate their assistance, there are ways of integrating design aspects yourself. If you are unsure of where to begin, a wise move would be to know the essential design elements first as this will be an excellent starting point.

  1. Create an excellent storage

No home should ever go sans storage. Regardless of how many or how few your belongings are, storage is a crucial aspect when it comes to designing a home. Sure, of all the design aspects you would be making, storage sounds the least interesting but it can really transform your home (by making it more clutter free!). Take note: If you do not have any spare space to put your possessions in, they will do much in taking away the endeavors you have made.

  1. Invest in comfortable seating

Homes are known to be havens of relaxation and sanctuaries of serenity. In this regard, your homes should be the epitome of rest and relaxation. To do this, you need to select a sofa that is not only visually appealing but just as comfortable to sit in as well. There is no need to exorbitantly spend for one, but you do need to take into account that if you want a sofa of good quality and fabric that would last you years, you need to be prepared to make that investment.

  1. Layer your lighting

To enhance your decorating efforts, you should not overlook nor neglect lighting effects. Lighting serves as the finishing of your decorating efforts and it influences the mood of the inhabitants as well. Make sure that areas of your home would be a combination of mood and task lighting as you would be able to change the ambience of a particular space with just a simple flick of a switch.

  1. Play with pattern

Judiciously chosen patterns can always brighten up a space. Sure, it might not be your most favorite task in the world (and you certainly should not have it everywhere!), but pattern and texture are two great elements in incorporating personality into your space and décor. This is a note of importance for rooms that would not be used frequently.

  1. Remember your dining area

No matter how small your homes are, always make room for a designated dining area. You might think that because of how diminutive a space is, you would rather forego the dining area and eat at the living room. But this should not be the case as space dedicated for eating is essential to every home. It can be something as small as a pair of stools tucked in a worktop in the kitchen. Ensure there is space to eat and you would not simply have to hold your plates while you dine.


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