Causes and Prevention of Blocked Drains for Improved Homes

The most irritating thing that you can find in the bathroom and kitchen is the slowly draining water and bad smell. These are the signs of one of the most common problems of blocked drains.

If not attended on time, it may end up to a bursting of pipes, overflowing of toilet and basin and other such serious issues. If you wish to have a hassle-free living then you must understand the causes of blockage of a drain, ways to unclog it and prevent it.


Cause of Obstruction of Drains

  • Building up of hair in the bathroom is the first and foremost cause of the blocked drains. Hair after a shower or while getting ready before the sink can get clogged in the drain causing a lot of issues.
  • The grease and fat washed over the kitchen sink build up in the drain pipes. Over time the grease accumulated clogs the drain not allowing liquid or water to pass.
  • Toilet items like toilet papers, nappies, wipes etc. are commonly thrown in the toilets. These absorb the water and enlarge to block the drain making it difficult for water to drain.
  • Natural debris like leaves, twigs, etc. can get stuck in the drain causing the blockage. Many times, the roots of the tree enter the drain lines causing havoc like a blockage or sometimes breakage of pipes.
  • In addition, improper installation of pipes can also cause a blockage. Unclogging of drain using simple means
  • Using baking soda and vinegar of equal proportion of 1/3 cup can be used to unclog drainage pipes.
  • Caustic soda from any hardware store can be poured into the drain and later 3/4 gallons of cold water can open the clog of the drain.
  • Pouring enough boiling water at regular interval with few pauses for it to work is the easiest and simplest way to unclog the drain.
  • The blocked drains can be opened using many other ways of putting ¼ cup of dishwashing detergent in the sink and then hot water. The equal portion of salt and baking soda can be used for this purpose as well.
Bathroom Drain
Bathroom Drain

Prevention of Blockage

  • Don’t use the sink as your garbage and throw anything in it to get it clogged. Instead of putting your waste food in the sink, separate the organic waste put into a separate container for creating compost The non-organic waste dump it into a trash can.
  • Warm oil when thrown in the sink can get accumulated in the pipes after it gets cooled. The major reason for clogging can be prevented by keeping the grease in a separate jar to throw it in the trash.
  • Use mesh screen in the drains especially on the shower drains to catch the hair kitchen sinks to catch food particles and other such wastes and from entering the pipes and blocking it.
  • If the drain gets clogged at the initial stage, learn to use drain snake or plunger for this purpose. Bacteria drain cleaners can be used to unclog the drain as bacteria eat up the organic clog.
  • Use pop-up stopper in the sink that can draw all the things like hair, dental floss etc. keeping the pipes free.
  • Don’t put compounds like cement, grout etc. in the sink that can create a blockage.

Although the most disgusting problem in the kitchen and bathroom occurs from the blockage of a drain, if dealt with time its seriousness can be reduced. All you need to be is slightly watchful and identify the early signs of obstruction and immediately use home solutions or call blocked drain professionals for help. Timely care and regular maintenance can prevent serious issues like overflows, leaks and electrical damage.


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