Why Engineered Timber Flooring Is Popular?

Like we know, the engineered timber flooring adds a touch of warmth and style to any house. Previously, solid woods were used for flooring, but that would not complement the look of every room. Moreover, they had many drawbacks. This is when the discovery of engineered timber floors took place.

Engineered floors can be installed everywhere in the house; for example, bathroom, kitchen, living, etc. Traditional hardwoods didn’t have to undergo a lot of processing whereas engineered hardwoods comprise of several layers.

Benefits of engineered timber flooring

Engineered Timber Flooring
Engineered Timber Flooring

There are several reasons behind why engineered timber flooring is becoming everybody’s choice. Given below are a few of its benefits:

  • The material used in making timber flooring is real. These floors are composed of several layers that make it durable. The outer surface contains natural looking layers which is added for beautification purpose. In between the thin slices of wood are placed one after the other. Here you can customize the quality based on your budget. For example, you can use plywood for the inner layers. The core is made with the strongest solid wood.
  • Traditional wooden planks were not resistant to change in climate. But these engineered timber floors are resistant to all kinds of temperature. They neither shrink nor expand. The added advantage is that you can even install these floors in those areas which are prone to moisture. The layers are designed in such a way that they block moisture and stabilize your floor. The maintenance required for such floors is very less.
  • Timber flooring is not sawed, but rather cut into thin slices. Doing this would prevent wastage of wood and save you money.
  • As timber takes time to grow, the durability of engineered timber floors is more compared to other. The floors aren’t made up of solid wood, but that doesn’t change the genuine properties of timber floors. They are 100% genuine and adds beauty and class to the interiors.
  • Installation is very easy in case of engineered timber floors and also, they are available in different colors and type in the market. You can either staple them or place them with hot glue.

Five major steps to follow while installing engineered timber floors

Engineered Timber Flooring
Engineered Timber Flooring

There is no doubt that the engineered timber flooring is easy to install if you follow the four simple steps.

  • Before you install the planks, make sure you clean the sub floors properly. The sub floors must be free of dirt or any garbage. If there’s any pin coming out from the subfloor, take them out immediately. After removing all the debris, wash the floor with soap and water. Make sure that the floor gets completely dry before the installation of tar sheets.
  • Lay down tar sheet of paper on the sub floor. Place them correctly on the floor in a tidy manner. Make sure that the sheets are evenly placed. After that staple the sheets to the sub floor using a staple gun. The tar paper blocks away the moisture that might ruin your wooden floors from the below.
  • In case of solid wood flooring, the colored texture of the wood varies from piece to piece. In case of engineered timber floors, there is an even distribution of color throughout all the planks. But, the texture varies from box to box. Each box contains one type of texture. Thus, open all the boxes and then place it on the tar sheet in mix and match manner.
  • Start installing the planks row-wise starting from the top end of the room. Attach the planks to the floor using pneumatic staplers. Staple the planks at distance of eight to nine inches.
  • There will be prominent creases at the side of all the planks distinctively showing the end mark of the planks. Hide these markings by installing a baseboard on the four sides of the room.

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