All One Needs to Know About Crazy Paving

What is crazy paving?

Crazy paving is one of the most common ways of surfacing. In this setup, stones of irregular shape and size are arranged. The gaps within the stones are filled with mortar, soil or cement. This type of paving is popular in pavements along houses. It is also used in gardens, parks, and running tracks.

Crazy Paving
Crazy Paving


The name crazy paving is used because of the zigzag and random surfacing. The shape and size of the stones are often irregular and arranged as they fit. The origination of this method dates back to ancient Roman times.

Laying methods

Laying is one of the most important aspects of paving. It is good to note that all the stones are never of the same shape, thickness, and size. The layering of stones should be in such a manner that the stones are tightly attached to each other. Once the stones are tightly packed, then the use of mortar can be minimized. It, therefore, becomes important to sort the same kind of stones for paving. The arrangement needs to look plain from the outside.

 There are two laying methods of crazy paving. They are as follows:

•    Individual bedding

This is an ancient but time-consuming process. In this method, a bed is prepared for each stone. It becomes tedious because before laying, you need to properly arrange the stones. Once the stones are organized, then the bedding material needs to be continuously changed for every stone. There needs to be a variation in the sub-base and beddings. Also, you should check to assess whether the stones are moving, if yes, then you need to add more of the bedding mix for fixing the stones.

Crazy Paving
Crazy Paving

There are few things that make people of this era withdraw from individual bedding. The most prominent one is obviously the time-consuming aspect of the job. People do not want to keep themselves indulged in a single work. They want rapid developments of the projects and this is not possible with individual bedding.

Another major drawback of individual bedding is that it requires constant checking. One has to look at it time and again to ascertain that everything is in order.

•    Screed bedding

This method is used to construct a well-constructed leveling and considered to be much easier.  No further leveling is required in this process. Also, stones, bricks or slates of uniform shape and size are aligned on a screed bed. This screed bed is established at heights ranging from 5mm to 10mm. Thereafter, the paving is set as per the compatibility.

This method is perhaps the best layering method for compacting the materials which have been used for bedding. After the screed bed is fully prepared, the stones are placed. These stones or slates can be placed in a jigsaw manner or any way which seems suitable.

Process of Joining

One of the easiest methods for joining is known to be wet grout or slurry processes. These joining methods cannot be formulated because of the irregularity of the stones and slates used in crazy paving. In this method, the slates or stones of the same standards are arranged properly. After a decisive arrangement and bedding, a combination of mortar and cement is used in the gaps to attach to the beds.

This method is relatively fast and can be used easily for a large area. The final step is to smoothen the top of the stones and at the joints. If this is not done, one can get injured due to the unevenness of the floor. So, the process of finishing and joining plays a very important role in paving. It should never be neglected or completed carelessly.


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