How Would You Design A Finest Reception Counters?

Whether it is a small company or you have been a small business, there are some parts of your business, which deserves special attentions. Establishing a proper relationship with customers all the time is a way to earn profitable incomes and good reputation.

Now, the first and basic relationship establishment starts from the reception counters. It is the first place where your aspiring employees or potential clients will first come and interact with the receptionist. After that, they are going to get the chance to meet you. So you need to install a professional reception counter and you must design the reception counter with all necessary gadgets. You have to install several phone lines, computers, monitors, printers, fax machines and lots more things in your reception counters. You it is better to hire an office designer to do this task and they will design your reception counters with proper lighting systems and background decorations.

Think about the Functions

You can only choose the right reception counters once you are sure of the functions involved with it. You need to be sure about the number of users you are planning to accommodate behind the desk. Depending on that, the size of the counters will vary. Does your counter needs any specified equipment like Visitor management system or PC? Do you need to place computer monitor in your reception area or will laptop only do? Depending on the functionalities of the services, the counters are subject to change and you can customize the design of your reception counter as per your needs.

Reception Counter

Basic points to note down

Do you want a counter to be warm and inviting, or are you looking for a bold and austere service? Before you install the reception counter in your business place, you need to consider several things such as the seating capacity of the counter, space utilization, separate customer service desk, lighting system and lots more.

  • Do you want to add any specified features to your reception counters? If so, then be sure to list those points and consult with the designer in this regard. You can install some LED lights, lamp shades, high rise tables and sofa sets in your reception counter. Else you can simple design the counter with minimum furniture and you can add some graphic design with your business logo on the background wall of your reception counter.
  • You have to be sure of the materials used for manufacturing such counters for your reception areas. For quality finish and sumptuous look, you can use the real wood veneer. You can further try out some of the architectural finishes like stone, Corain, steel or glass and decorate your reception counter with some contemporary looks.
  • You have to be extremely sure of the price, which you are comfortable enough to spend for your reception counters. Depending on the materials and the designs you are planning to get, the prices are going to vary. Not only that but laminated options might get a bit expensive which are larger in size when compared to the basic wooden tables or counters for your reception area. Be sure to get all these points straight first and compare their price before you choose the final one.

You have to be very careful of the brand and its quality before finally relying on the perfect reception counters design. This might happen to take some time initially, but it is all worth it in the end. Just be sure to learn more about the counters and the available options before finalizing on any one of the lot.


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