Interior Design Tricks to Transform Your Home

Interior design tips & tricks
Interior design tips & tricks

A pretty house is one of the best things you could have. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to give a little oomph to our humble abode, we are just unable to make it look as beautiful as we wish it would.
I believe, the first thing we think of when stuck in this situation is an interior designer. But interior designers are supremely expensive. So what should we do, who are on a budget?

Well, I’m not sure how much they will help you but here are some simple tricks that will give your home all the flash it needs to look gorgeous!

Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely

The most basic thing that decides how your home will look is the color scheme. Well I read it somewhere that every room must have around three colors that are appealing to the eyes: A dominant color which covers about 60% of the area, a secondary color which takes up about 30% of the area, and a color that gives depth which only covers 10% of the area.

Now it is very important for these colors to complement each other. Do not go for overly bold combinations or for very dull combinations. Make sure the hues are similar, for example, if you are going for pastel colors, make sure all the colors are in a pastel shade.

Paint Your Room

Well it is best to paint smaller rooms with light and airy colors to make them feel spacious. Bold colors in small rooms make them look even more cramped.

Know Your Wall Hangings

Different kinds of wall hangings go in style at different times. Be it art, strings of fairy light, or anything of the same sort, make sure it is at an eye-level. When people visit your home and they have to put in too much effort to see the décor, it gives a bad impression.

The Accent Wall

You really don’t have to paint all the walls of your room in a similar way because accent walls are still trendy! Just take one, plain, small wall and paint it in a funky fancy way and the others in a color that accentuates it and your room will look like a million bucks!

Focus the Furniture

Simply rearranging the furniture can give a very fresh and lovely look to the entire room. For lounges and drawing rooms, try to make all the furniture point to something, be it the TV, or a window, or a center table.

Decorate your home with Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps are getting very much popular these days in home decor. Himalayan salt lamps can be a great addition to your home. They act as ideal mood enhancers and natural air purifiers. You can transform your home with salt lamps completely and can make it cozy and comfortable.

Throw in Some Indoor Plants

What is better to freshen the air further than indoor plants? I have a friend who has a shelf at the entrance of her house with different plants on each level. It is an absolutely lovely piece of decoration and if I had that kind of space in my tiny apartment, I would have totally steal her idea!

Art on the Wall

Hang pieces of art on the walls to give your guests something to look at and to give some purpose to
your walls. One of my artistic friends has a portion of a wall in her living room which is dedicated to
paintings that she has made and framed. It looks so elegant and she gets compliments from everyone
who visits!

The Dining Table

I have noticed, in many houses, that the dining table takes up much more space than it ideally should. A little trick to ease this problem is to buy a roundtable! It takes up much less space than a rectangular table and holds the same number of items. You can shop for good quality roundtables in any online store like BlackMango.

Your Couch Set

An ideal place to place your couch set would be the center of the room – any room! Make sure there is a rug underneath the set and that the rug is just large enough to cover all the couches and the center table. A rug that is smaller or larger than the set will make it look too cramped in one area.

The Perfect Lighting

Lighting is all the rage lately. It became exceptionally significant when people started noticing how lighting affects their pictures. So make sure that every room in the house is well lit. For this, you need to take great care of where the lights are placed around the house. A false ceiling with LEDs is always a good option. Other than that, you can have a number of lamps above points in the room that need more focus, for example, paintings, pictures, the dresser or a mirror.

The Funky Lighting

That was the essential lighting, but funky lights are also trending lately. You can hang strings of fairy
lights around the house. One little trick I love is bundling up fairy lights and lighting them up. You can
even place these bundles in jars for a more enchanting effect.

Other than that, of course, you have salt lamps. They are not only refreshing, they also add to the
aesthetic value of the room. Enter a room with a lit salt lamp and you will feel completely at ease.


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