Top Trends for Utterly Stylish Kitchens

“The kitchen is often described as the hub of the home, so it’s important that yours reflects your personality whilst being practical and up to date” says Pimlico estate agent Andrew Reeves.  Here we take a look at some of the key design trends that all fashion forward kitchen lovers are falling for this year.

Broken Plan

Open plan kitchens are great, especially if you’re short on space, but they also look a little cluttered with all those pots and pans all over the place and sometimes you want to sit quietly on your own. The new trend of broken plan kitchens takes all the best bits of open plan and combines it with much needed storage and privacy.

It’s essentially the same idea, but with added breakfast bars and free standing shelves to create different zones and keep clutter to a minimum.


Yep, that’s right.. interior designers have taken inspiration from unicorns this year! White gloss units are combined with glitter, tea lights, gold and pastel hues to create a fantasy, fairytale look that’s found its way into kitchens too. A word of warning from M&M Property: “This is a bold look that is best kept to a minimum if you’re looking to sell! Too much glitter and pinks could send buyers running, so just take a few key items and nod to the trend rather than going all out for a fantasy wonderland kitchen.”

Two tone kitchens
Two tone kitchens are back in vogue

Two Tone

White and dark grey may have topped the kitchen colour charts for the past couple of years, but so far in 2018 we’ve seen a distinct move towards more colour and personality. Maybe it’s because of  a need for relief in times of Brexit-fueled economic uncertainty, but two tone kitchen cabinets are the new big thing.  Blues, greys and ice cream colours are particularly popular with designers.


Moroccan style kitchens are big this year, particularly when it comes to tiles and splash backs. Best Gapp estate agent says “Look out for mosaics, ornately patterned tiles, chunky wood and metal lanterns to breathe a bit of holiday style and colour into your kitchen.” Gold and copper remain big trends for 2018 and work perfectly with jeweled Moroccan accessories and colourful patterned tiles.


Gold accessories don’t necessarily have to be reserved for gangsters of footballer’s mansions! Gold taps and other accessories are big news this year and give a touch of luxury to everything from door handles to plug sockets, tiles to taps. Just don’t overdo it- less is usually more with this trend.

Gold kitchen accessories
Gold kitchen accessories add class

Hot Water Taps

Putting the kettle on for a well-deserved cuppa may become a thing of the past before you know it. We’re seeing a big push towards hot water taps, which are becoming much more affordable, easier to install and better for the environment than boiling up the kettle every hour.


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