5 obvious signs which reveal the need to replace your fence

Fences are a great addition to any yard and not only do they add value to the property but they also appear attractive and neat. While there are various kinds of fences with diverse styles and colors, the one thing they all have in common is the need of replacement after a period of time. Nothing lasts forever and without a doubt, fences fall into this category too. With that said, it is important to keep a regular check on your fence, whether it is paling fencing, picket fencing or pool fencing. Even a minor damage to the fence can cause trouble in terms of security, appearance, etc.

paling fencing
paling fencing

With that stated, let’s take a look at the 5 obvious signs which disclose the fact that your current fence needs replacement!

Spoil or Broken by an Accident

Accidents are inevitable and can happen at any time. Whether your pet scratched your picket fence time and again or your son threw the ball too hard and broke a piece, the truth is that the fence will need repair or a total replacement.

paling fencing
paling fencing

In most cases, accidents such as a falling tree or a thud by a vehicle pose a real threat and cause a noteworthy damage to any kind of fence. If your fence got damaged due to an accident, maybe it is time to take it as a sign and opt for a replacement.

Missing Parts

Fences usually stay intact until someone or something damages them. If you reside in an area where storms often come or weather becomes overbearing, it is important that you keep an eye on your yard fence for visible damage. Missing fence pieces not only look bad but are a problem in terms of safety and security of your property.

paling fencing
paling fencing

If you have a few missing pieces of the current fence, simply opt for a new one by calling Jim’s fencing professional and avail the best fencing options.

Loose Fence

Fences are chosen so that you can enjoy the maximum amount of security and when your fence becomes loose over time, the purpose does not fulfill. Screws and nails of the fence can become loose with the passage of time. More so, in other cases the wooden pickets can deteriorate over time because of the humidity in the atmosphere and weather changes; eventually making the fences lose and wobbly.

paling fencing
paling fencing

With that said, it is imperative that you check the fence from all angles to ensure that it is not loose. If it is, it will definitely need a replacement.

Stains and Holes

If you have paling fencing at your house since more than a few years, chances are that it will need professional assistance. The fact is that different insects and microorganisms can create holes in this kind of fence, making it look bad as well as losing its purpose in terms of the solid security barrier.

paling fencing
paling fencing

Moreover, in other cases, yellowish stains can begin to appear, revealing that the wood has begun to rot. In places where heavy rains are constant, the wooden fences can show yellow stains much more quickly. If your fence has either of the issues, you should surely get it replaced.

Leaning Fences

Unfortunately, fences which begin to lean cannot be fixed by simply straightening them from the ground up. Leaning happens over a period of time and mostly when the posts of the fence get damaged or weak. Leaning fences not only allow pets to climb easily but are also dangerous for young kids.

Here were the 5 obvious signs offenses which require immediate replacement. Don’t wait! Get a new fence now.



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